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Tag skills are the skill specializations of a character. At the start of every Fallout game prior to Fallout 4, the player can choose three Tag skills to be the character's specialties throughout the game.[1] The Tag! perk allows one to pick an additional, fourth tag skill later in the game.


In Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics, tagged skills increase at double the rate of an untagged skill (i.e. One skill point translates to a 2% increase in the skill). In Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas however, a tagged skill only gives a 15-point boost.

In Fallout: The Roleplaying Game , a tagged skill increases the chosen skill by 2 ranks. More importantly, however, the tagged skills in question can receive critical successes by rolling under the skill ranks, e.g. rolling a 3 when the skill's rank is 6 means two successes. Only tagged skills benefit from this, while all other skills require rolling a 1 to earn a critical success. Tag skills dictate what type of character one will play. A fighter will tag combat skills whereas a diplomat may choose speech, barter and science.

Bonus equipment

Tagging skills also provides an immediate benefit to one's starting equipment in Fallout, Fallout Tactics, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout: The Roleplaying Game.


Starting Equipment
a knife
a 10mm pistol
48 10mm JHP rounds
4 stimpaks
2 flares
Tagged Skill Bonus Equipment
Small Guns +24 10mm JHP rounds (72 total)
Unarmed a set of brass knuckles
Throwing 2 throwing knives
First Aid +2 stimpaks (6 total)
Doctor a doctor's bag
Lockpick a set of lock picks*
Steal a set of lock picks*
Science 2 Buffout and 2 Mentats doses
Repair a repair tool
Outdoorsman 3 water flasks

*Tagging both Lockpick and Steal results in only one bonus set of lock picks.

Tagging Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Melee Weapons, Sneak, Traps, Speech, Barter, or Gambling skills award no additional bonus equipment.

Fallout Tactics starting equipment

Tagged Skill Bonus Equipment
Small Guns x24 9mm ball
x1 booze
Big Guns x1 Happy Pie
x2 booze
Energy Weapons x3 pre-War donuts
+1 booze
Unarmed x1 brass knuckles
+1 Buffout
+3 rot gut
Melee Weapons x1 broken bottle
x1 knife
Throwing x3 spears
x1 frag grenade
x10 rocks
First Aid x1 antidote
x2 Poison
x1 First aid kit
Doctor x1 doctor's bag
x3 fruit
x1 scalpel
Sneak x1 Axe handle
Lockpick x1 stinky meat platter
x25 Ring pulls
Steal x$30
x100 Ring pulls
Traps x1 explosive trap
x3 T13 Antipersonnel Mines
Science x1 clipboard
x1 Mentats
+4 classic Nuka-Cola
Repair x1 tool kit
x1 crowbar
Pilot x1 Cat's Paw
x2 XXXXXBeer
x6 beer
Barter x1 Cat's Paw
x50 Ring pulls
Gambling $500
Outdoorsman x1 Rad-X
x1 healing powder

Fallout: New Vegas starting equipment

After completing the tutorial, every character gets:

Tagged Skill Bonus Equipment
Lockpick x12 Bobby Pins instead of 6
Guns 9mm Pistol
x43 9mm rounds (instead of default 15-30 rounds)
Explosives x8 sticks of Dynamite (only when neither Guns nor Energy Weapons are tagged as well)
Energy Weapons Laser Pistol
x20 Energy Cells (only when Guns isn't tagged as well)
Melee Weapons Straight Razor (Regardless of other tagged skills)
Unarmed Boxing Gloves (only when Melee Weapons isn't tagged as well)

Fallout: The Roleplaying Game starting equipment

Tagged Skill Bonus Equipment
Athletics Casual clothing
x1 Buffout
Barter 2d20 additional caps
Big Guns x4 +2d6 shots of flamer fuel
Energy Weapons Fusion cell containing x6 +3d6 shots
Explosives x2 Molotov cocktails or x2 baseball grenades
Lockpick x4 +2d6 bobby pins
Medicine x1 first aid kit
x1 Stimpak
Melee Weapons Machete or baseball bat
Pilot Broken car parts*
Repair Multi-tool
Science Labcoat
x1 Mentats
Small Guns x6 +3d6 additional shots of ammunition of a type already possessed
Sneak x1 Calmex
Speech Formal hat
Formal clothing
Survival x2 purified water
x1 iguana on a stick
Throwing x4 +2d6 throwing knives or x2 +1d6 tomahawks
Unarmed Brass knuckles

* Equivalent to 5 common scrap


  1. EDITOR.MSG, Fallout 2, {145} Tag skills are skills your character specializes in. Each tag skill gains +20%, and increases twice as fast. You must pick three tag skills.