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UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Shady Sands guard.

{100}{}{You see one of Shady Sands' guards.}
{101}{}{Hey, I think you'd better be leaving.
 We don't want your kind here.}
{102}{}{I can't believe that Tandi has disappeared. I hope you are
 going to find her. It would really hurt Aradesh if something bad happened to her.}
{103}{}{Thanks for returning Tandi. It's a good sign for the
 future, don't you think?}
{104}{}{That's a damn shame about Tandi. I hope Aradesh will be ok.}
{105}{}{Welcome, stranger. We don't see your kind often.}
{106}{}{Uh, thanks. Bye.}
{107}{}{Why not?}
{109}{}{Not so fast! This is a small community. We don't see strangers often, and
 we don't really need them if you get my meaning. If you don't have a good
 reason to be here, you'd better just keep moving.}
{110}{}{Hey, I ain't gonna hurt anybody.}
{112}{}{I wasn't saying that you was gonna. You'd just better leave us alone.}
{113}{}{I'll try not to make trouble.}
{114}{}{I'm sick and tired of your trash. Prepare to meet your maker.}
{115}{}{Look, Shady Sands don't need your kind from the Hub,
 or Junktown, or wherever you come from. We do pretty good
 by ourselves.}
{116}{}{The last trader from the Hub sold us a malfunctioning
 irrigation pump. We've had it with your dirty deals.}
{117}{}{You got it all wrong. I'm not like that.}
{118}{}{Yeah, right. So you say. Just don't get into any trouble, Ok?}
{119}{}{No problem.}
{120}{}{Yeah, whatever.}
{121}{}{Well, maybe you aren't. You do seem a little different to me.
 I'll tell you what. You should go talk to Aradesh.
 He is in the center of town.}
{122}{}{We don't want your kind here. Go back to wherever you came from.}
{123}{}{Hey, no need for weapons. We don't look too kindly
 on those around here.}
{124}{}{Hey, you didn't turn out to be such a bad person after all.
 Have a nice day.}
{125}{}{I really wish you would just leave town.}