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UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Talius.

{100}{}{You see before you Talius, a member of the Followers.}
{101}{}{Please depart. I am attempting to retire here. Come back during the day.}
{102}{}{Greetings sister. My name is Talius. How might I assist you today?}
{103}{}{Greetings brother. My name is Talius. How might I assist you today?}
{105}{}{Me }
{106}{}{. Me }
{108}{}{I am }
{109}{}{. What are you doing here?}
{110}{}{You can die!}
{111}{}{Don't worry about me Mutie! How did you get in here?}
{112}{}{Greetings to you as well. I am called }
{113}{}{. How is it that you came into the realm of the Followers?}
{114}{}{Can you tell me how one, of your alterations, entered the Followers?}
{115}{}{I see that you are a little slow. I, too, was once of your intelligence.
 But, through the teachings of the Followers, I have been able to transcend
 my shortcomings.}
{116}{}{No know.}
{117}{}{Too smart. Die now.}
{118}{}{I apologize. I forget myself at times. Would you like some brain help?}
{119}{}{Yeah. You's!}
{120}{}{You hep. You hep!}
{121}{}{Here. Take these pretty pills. Make you smarter.}
{122}{}{Yes, }
{123}{}{. I am enthusiastic that you acknowledge your given
 nomenclature. How might I assist you this fine morrow?}
{125}{}{Brain hurt. Me kill you. Take brain.}
{126}{}{I am here to assist these good people in understanding the workings
 of the Children of the Cathedral.}
{127}{}{So you are a spy for the Children?}
{128}{}{How can you know anything about the Children?}
{129}{}{What can you do? You are a mutant.}
{130}{}{Nay, I am no spy. Though many think as such. There is a spy within
 our humble abode. Yet, we are unable to ferret the spy out.}
{131}{}{Then how do you help the Followers?}
{132}{}{Tell me what you know about this spy. Maybe I can help.}
{133}{}{Tough luck, Mutie!}
{134}{}{I think I found the spy. Now I will remove the problem.}
{135}{}{Once, I was as you are. But, through the interaction of the Nightkin
 in Necropolis, I was thrust into this state.}
{136}{}{That's awful. But, tough luck. See you around.}
{137}{}{Why were you in Necropolis?}
{138}{}{Where were you from originally?}
{139}{}{And now I will transform you once more. Rest in pieces.}
{140}{}{Some time ago, I lived in a place far to the north of here. They were having
 a problem with the water supply and sought out people to find a way to fix it.}
{141}{}{So you volunteered.}
{142}{}{Where was this place?}
{143}{}{Did you find a way to fix this problem?}
{144}{}{But why Necropolis?}
{145}{}{Yes. The overseer of the community gave me a shotgun and some shells.
 However, those were lost many years passed. Since I have never found anything,
 I could not return.}
{146}{}{That's really awful. I wish there was something I could do.}
{147}{}{Too bad. Gotta head out.}
{148}{}{Where was this place?}
{149}{}{Did you ever find a way to fix the water problem?}
{150}{}{Why did you go to Necropolis?}
{151}{}{There is a way in which you can help. The one who did this to me must
 be stopped.}
{152}{}{Who is it?}
{153}{}{Their leader is the head of a mutant army. What he does is take
 pure humans and transform them. I'm not quite sure, because I was knocked
 unconscious before the process.}
{154}{}{I will go kill them for you then.}
{155}{}{Sounds too risky for me. I'm out of here.}
{156}{}{I thank you for your kindness. You do me a great service. Please,
 accept this as a token of good will. I purloined it from the body of a
 deceased renegade.}
{157}{}{Be at peace then. I can understand your unease. Mayhaps another will
 come to help remove this threat. Good day to you.}
{158}{}{The place from whence I came was in the mountains far to the north.
 It was a small vault in which many people lived.}
{159}{}{Did you ever find a way to fix the water problem?}
{160}{}{Why did you go to Necropolis?}
{161}{}{What was the name of this Vault?}
{162}{}{Sounds nice. I've gotta run.}
{163}{}{Unfortunately, I did not. I have heard that others were sent from the
 vault to search for a way to fix the water pump.}
{164}{}{I have heard nothing more of them.}
{165}{}{Why did you go to Necropolis?}
{166}{}{What was the name of this Vault?}
{167}{}{Sounds nice. I've gotta run.}
{168}{}{I heard from some of the other travelers that Necropolis had a way in
 which to produce water without much difficulty.}
{169}{}{So, I went there to see what they were doing.}
{170}{}{What did you find?}
{171}{}{Did you kill them off?}
{172}{}{Feel at home there?}
{173}{}{I found a great deal of those Mutant things there. It was they who
 entrapped me and transformed me into my current form.}
{174}{}{Apparently, they messed up, because I took on a different evolutionary
 course, rather than the enhanced ones.}
{175}{}{Rough deal. See you around.}
{176}{}{I'll be sure to watch out for them. Thanks for the info.}
{177}{}{Who lead them?}
{178}{}{No. I killed only some of the mutants. There was another mutant,
 a ghoul, named Set, who helped me take out most of them.}
{179}{}{Last I knew there were only half a dozen mutants left.}
{180}{}{That sounds great. Well, I will see you around.}
{181}{}{The rest of them are gone now. Set is doing fine.}
{182}{}{That is good news indeed to hear. I am overjoyed to hear the destruction
 of one evil and a town set free. Please, take this.}
{183}{}{Sarcasm and slights shall not deter me my benevolent disposition.
 The time has come for you to depart. Good day.}
{184}{}{My vault had no name. It was merely numbered 13.}
{185}{}{That is where I am from.}
{186}{}{Never heard of the place.}
{187}{}{Thanks for the info. Now I'm going to tell those Mutants about it.}
{188}{}{Really? Has the Overseer finally seen his way through to allow people
 to travel outside the Vault?}
{189}{}{No, he is still scared of the outside world.}
{190}{}{No, he fears for the safety of the dwellers.}
{191}{}{Yes, he thinks everything is safe.}
{192}{}{I believed as such. He always was a cautious man. I pity him his
 responsibility. May you fare better than myself on this fool's quest.}
{193}{}{I am glad to hear that he has come to his senses to allow the people out.
 While it is far from safe out here, it will do good to restore the earth
 once more. Farewell, my friend.}
{194}{}{I doubt you would have, coming from the outside world. Now, I must retire.
 Please be careful out there with those creatures who see to destroy.}
{195}{}{Nay, I doubt you would be able to do as such.}
{196}{}{Try and stop me.}
{197}{}{Why do you say that?}
{198}{}{Because I will stop you.}
{199}{}{I know very little. The only things I know are that our scouts are the
 only ones who ever go over to the Children to spy on them. No one else
 is allowed because of the danger.}
{200}{}{Then it might be a scout. I will look into that.}
{201}{}{I think that it is you. Now die!}
{202}{}{I wish you would have been of greater intellect. No matter, I shall
 dispense with you shortly.}
{203}{}{All I know of the Children is that they are in league with these
 Nightkin, super mutants.}
{204}{}{It is they who transformed me from my original state of being in Necropolis.}
{205}{}{That's awful. But, tough luck. See you around.}
{206}{}{Why were you in Necropolis?}
{207}{}{Where were you from originally?}
{208}{}{And now I will transform you once more. Rest in pieces.}
{209}{}{Though I am different in appearance, I have much knowledge to impart
 upon those who will listen.}
{210}{}{I have no time for this, I'm leaving.}
{211}{}{What can you tell me?}
{212}{}{Those whom the Followers and Children call Nightkin are not what they
 seem. They have been created by one called the Lieutenant. I believe he may
 follow another.}
{213}{}{Some information. Well, I will be off.}
{214}{}{What can you tell me about this Lieutenant?}
{215}{}{There isn't much that I know about him. Last I saw him, before my
 untimely transformation, he was searching for pure humans.}
{216}{}{I will think on this for a while. Thank you.}
{217}{}{Can you hazard a hypothesis as to why this may be so?}
{218}{}{As yet, I am uncertain. Perhaps another group which seeks to disrupt
 their ways would know.}
{219}{}{Thank you. Good day.}
{220}{}{I regret that I cannot tolerate insolence. Be gone.}
{221}{}{My entrance into the Followers was quite simple really. It was the
 Followers who rescued me from the full effects of the transformation into
 a heinous beast.}
{222}{}{I do not fully understand. Please, go on.}
{223}{}{Once, I was as you are now - a pure human. But, through the intervention
 of Nightkin, I was taken to some place far removed from here.}
{224}{}{Please, continue.}
{225}{}{I was not of a state in which to observe what transpired. All I
 had known was that I awoke here and was tended by the good doctor.}
{226}{}{I am truly sorry to hear of your predicament. I will find those
 who did this to you and remedy the situation.}
{227}{}{I am sorry to hear of that. Alas, I am quite busy attempting to
 survive. Farewell.}
{228}{}{Please, dispense justice upon the defouler who seeks to undermine
 the trust of the Followers.}
{229}{}{Excellent job on removing from our midst that dissembler, Heather.}
{230}{}{You see a hideous ghoul.}
{231}{}{Somehow, he reminds you of someone.}
{232}{}{Alas, I have no more time to spare on you. Good day.}