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Stop the Radscorpions

Great packs of Rad ScorpionsIn-game spelling are killing our herds. We don't know where they're from, and no matter how many we kill, there's always more!Aradesh

Stop the Radscorpions is a side quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Stop the Radscorpions
Go to Shady Sands.
Ask Aradesh and Razlo about the radscorpions.
Ask Seth to lead you to the caves.
Kill the radscorpions.
Use dynamite to blow the cave.
Reward: 500 XP
+6 Reputation
Reward: 300 XP
+6 reputation

Detailed walkthrough

Upon entering Shady Sands, the Vault Dweller needs to speak to Seth or Aradesh. They will tell them about the radscorpions attacking their town. Aradesh will also direct the Vault Dweller as to the whereabouts of Razlo.

Razlo is located in his home in the southern building at the entrance section of Shady Sands. Talk to him during the day, and he will provide some background information on the radscorpions. Additionally, he will explain that he can produce an antidote to the radscorpion venom if the Vault Dweller brings him a scorpion tail.

After speaking to Razlo, the Vault Dweller should then speak to Seth. He will offer to take them to the radscorpion cave and once there the Vault Dweller has a few options on how to proceed:

  • Enter the cave and kill all nine radscorpions.
  • The second option is to place explosives at the entrance of the caves and seal the radscorpions in. There is a specific portion of the cave that "seems a bit weaker." If the Vault Dweller plants an explosive here, it will cause a cave-in, trapping all of the radscorpions inside. If the Vault Dweller is on the wrong side of the cave-in, however, it's game over.
  • It is possible to kill all radscorpions and seal the cave to receive both experience rewards.


By killing all radscorpions in the cave:

By sealing the radscorpion cave entrance:

  • 300 XP, which is the minimum.
  • +6 Reputation
  • The Vault Dweller can get the XP for both situations but they will only get +6 reputation


While playing on a large screen, the game may not let you scroll up, down, left or right, which stops you from killing all of the radscorpions. This makes the completion of the first objective impossible unless you have a companion.[verified]

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