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The Steamworks is a location on board Mothership Zeta in Fallout 3.


The Steamworks is a massive series of conduits and machinery designed to help propel Mothership Zeta through space. It is a sub-area to the engineering deck and the second level encountered.


The area starts out in a short corridor with a small room to the right containing nothing of interest. At the intersection is a dead end to the right and at the left end is another short "T" intersection that dead ends back to the left. To the right, the corridor curves westward. A door on the left leads to another corridor that runs parallel to the main one and has a Healing Archway near the end. At the conjunction of the two corridors, the main one curves around to the north and ends in an orange lit room.

This room houses a loot chest and three doors leading to other areas. The door on the left opens up to stairs and a catwalk that has doors on the left containing a chest and some Alien Epoxy. The two doors to the north open up into another room and continues on northward to another corridor, turning east, then south and east again, before reaching another healing arch and a doorway at the end. Through the door is another room with a staircase at the back which circles the room to a healing arch before descending back down to the first level.

From the stairs, follow the corridor north and west into a room that has a door on the right leading into another corridor and up a flight of stairs. The door on the right contains a couple of chests and a healing arch as well as some Alien Biogel, alien power cells, and both large and small alien crystals. The catwalk to the left will lead to the Engineering Core after a few turns.


  • 48 Alien Power Cells - Can be found on a shelf in the upper northwest room with a healing archway.


There are Alienss, Drones, and Alien Turrets guarding the area. The Steamworks is one of the few areas that can be reentered after completing the main quest This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough..., and the Aliens therein may respawn more than once.


The s\Steamworks appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta.