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Stacie Tibbetts was the human resources manager of Grafton Steel in 2077.


Stacie's was tasked with informing her employer Arthur Wood, of various concerns company-wide and distributing memos regarding schedule and benefit changes.[1] In one correspondence with Wood, she expressed her concern about plummeting worker morale, reporting that after speaking with other employees, believes Otis Pike is responsible for the shift in morale by spreading dissent among his coworkers.[2] She asked for permission for Pike's activities to therefore be watched more closely.[2]

Stacie informed Wood of terminations, and also reported employees to authorities for "commie leanings."[3][4] To this end, she also deferred to Wood regarding whether or not to press the issue of recently terminated employees, noting that under the Wartime Workers Act, their leanings were considered treasonous, a capital offense.[4]

In addition, Stacie reported that worker safety numbers over the last quarter had increased drastically over the previous.[5] She noted that this information may be damaging to released to the regulatory board, despite their government preferred status.[5] She suggested formatting the report differently, drafting a version that included data about the number of quarterly sicknesses, dismemberments, and deaths company-wide, altered from the factual data to be less damning for the company.[5][6] She remarked that this data supported the push for automated workers, as repair costs are less expensive than potential lawsuits.[5]

Concerning production, Stacie sent a message regarding dropping numbers, along with her suspicion that the workers were actively damaging the automated machines.[7] She expressed her concern to Wood that the workers may not be the best solution, especially during already turbulent times.[7] She asked if conscription would be a potential option to supplement the workforce while awaiting the delivery of more automated workers.[7]


Stacie Tibbetts is mentioned in Fallout 76.