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Head north up Virgin street, past the casinos... follow the trail that leads outside of town. You will... come to the Stables.Big Jesus Mordino

The Stables is a research lab northwest of New Reno controlled by the Mordinos and run by Myron in Fallout 2.


The Stables are headed by the lead researcher Marjorie Reed and her boss, Myron.[1][2] The facility is used to test the potency and effects of Jet, a highly-addictive methamphetamine.[3] New drugs and new variations of Jet are also tested, such as Jet Beta.[4][5][6][7][8] Slaves are used to test these drugs and are separated into a control group and a test group.[9] Shipments of hypodermic needles are sent from Vault City,[10] which are used to inject slaves with experimental methamphetamines.[11]

Prior to the creation of Jet, the Mordinos had been farming peyote cacti to sell to tourists as the "Reno experience."[12] When Myron joined the Mordinos, they provided him with a lab at the Stables[13] to produce a drug that the miners in Redding could easily become addicted to, in order to control the town.[14] Coca plants and opium poppies, or "veggie extracts," were experimented with initially before it was determined that the climate following the Great War rendered them impossible to grow.[15][16] They moved onto shrooms as a testbed,[16] as "hallucinogens [had] low overhead" and could be grown with enough Brahmin manure.[17][18]

Myron tested derivatives of lysergic acid diethylamide and psilocybin,[18] though states that he wanted it to be a "hard-hitter" that did not rely on veggie extracts.[19] After experimenting with shrooms, it was discovered that the fumes from the Brahmin manure in the fertilizer vats caused the slaves to become high.[19][20] This was due to a protein extract that Pre-War meat companies were testing.[21] However, the extract was dropped, as it was discovered that skin bacteria easily contaminated it, making it act as an amphetamine when ingested.[21][22] As a result, much of the contaminated extracts were fed to the Pre-War cows, causing the fumes from the Brahmin manure to act as an amphetamine.[19][23]

Following this discovery, about a hundred slaves were tested to refine the Jet formula, with most passing away from heart attacks, cerebral hemorrhages and psychotic episodes.[24][25] Though Jet was potent, the Mordino's requested that Jet's distribution in Redding be increased, as well as increasing its addiction rate to "as close to 100%" as possible.[26] While Myron was responsible for laying Jet's groundwork, Majorie Reed notes that her team above the Stables are responsible for all the "clean-up work" and that Myron "doesn't care much about what goes on [above the Stables]."[2][27]


The Stables comprises of two above ground buildings, an underground lab and a Brahmin pen. Both the western and eastern building entrances are guarded by two of Mordino's men.

Western building

Directly inside the western building are stables on the left and right walls. The left stables house "sickly slaves," while the right stables house "chemmed slaves." Two scientists stand directly outside of the stables on both sides. Another one of Mordino's men stands in the center. Ramirez is placed in front of him if this is the first time visiting.

In the northern room, four monitors are placed on the northern wall. Two metal tables are placed on the left and right sides, with two scientists standing around the latter. Marjorie Reed stands in the center next to a ladder that leads to the underground lab. An Auto-Doc is placed on the far southwestern corner, with desk and chair placed on the southeastern corner.

Eastern building

Directly inside the eastern building are tables that litter the left and right walls, as well as the center of the room. Slaves surround each table, with seven on the right and five of the left. Two of Mordino's men guard the entrance to the northern room.

Inside the northern room are three large water-tanks with broken monitors affixed to each. On the eastern wall is a ladder that leads to the underground lab.


Underneath the above ground buildings is the underground lab. The western ladder leads to an area with boxes and junks affixed to the east and north walls, with crates placed in the middle. Directly south of the western ladder is a series of four rooms.

Inside the first room, a bunk bed is affixed to the northwestern wall and two chairs and a table are placed on the southwest wall. Two guards block the entrance to Myron and his room on the eastern wall. The southern entrance leads to a room with three computer memory databanks and three reel-to-reel storage devices.

Inside Myron's room are two computers and two monitors affixed to the northern wall and a VDU unit is affixed to the eastern wall. Two wooden tables are placed in the middle of the room. South of Myron's room is an entrance to a bedroom. A Bookshelf is placed on the northeast wall and bed is found on the northwest wall. Two monitors and a VDU are affixed to the eastern wall. A single wooden table is placed in the middle of the room.

By the eastern ladder are three large water-tanks with broken monitors affixed to each. To the southeast and southwest are two rooms with a footlocker, a bed and a table with a chair. Two of Mordino's men are placed in each room.

Between the eastern and western ladders, a fenced area containing three tanks connected to pipes can be seen and accessed to the north. Directly south is a small area with showers affixed to the eastern wall, with a fenced section with two Haybeds and a pool of blood directly next to them. Three metal tables are placed in the center. To the southwest is an entrance to a room with four shelves surrounding each side.

Brahmin pens

Located directly east of the western building and west of the eastern building. A total of ten Brahmin litter the pen, with one being "ill-tempered." A Bathtub is placed on the far northeast and a entrance gate is placed directly south.



  • One of the Brahmin in the pens will moo differently than the other Brahmin and be labeled as "ill-tempered." If the Doctor skill is used to examine it, the player learns that something is lodged in its intestine and will be given three tries to remove it. If successful, the Brahmin will cough up a Microfusion Cell and experience points are gained. If unsuccessful, the Brahmin will become hostile.


The Stables appear in Fallout 2.



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