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Smarty's Traps n' Bait

Smarty's Traps n' Bait was a pre-War company in the United States.


The company sold their own brand of baits and traps, including Smarty's Bait Traps and Smarty's Big Critter Bait.[1] They offered a "gold customer" discount of 3%. These products were sold to hunters like Janelle Priblo to catch dangerous animals such as wolves.[2]

Their bait was effective, resulting in the death of Raymond Priblo who was attacked and killed by an albino wolf and her pups while carrying the bait.[3][4][5]


Smarty's Traps n' Bait is mentioned in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.


  1. Messages seen during Death and Taxidermy when examining the traps and bait cooler.""Smarty's Big Critter Bait
    Directions: Use with Smarty's Traps. Not safe for hand feeding.
    Smarty's is not responsible for unsafe handling.""
  2. Invoice 188002: Smarty's Traps n' Bait
  3. Janelle's revenge
  4. Raymond's pep talk
  5. A cooler containing Smarty's Big Critter Bait can be found next to Raymond's skeleton, east of Janelle's camp.