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Ah, fresh meat.... Welcome ta the slaver's guild. The name's Aidan. Ya here on business? Ya better be.Aidan

The Slaver's Guild is the faction operating holding center in The Den and the NCR Bazaar.


Slavery in the former American Southwest is centralized in the guild, with the bulk of slaves being traded by guild-affiliated traders. Their captures are traded all over New California, sold to farmers, merchants, even Vault City to provide inexpensive manual labor.[1] Slaves are typically acquired from remote tribes and nomads in the wasteland or bought from independent traders.[2] They do not breed slaves, relying on tribes migrating into the area.[3]

Each member of the guild is identifiable by the tattoo they bear on their forehead, which is mandatory for everyone.[4] Although formally the guild is headed by a single guild master (Metzger in 2241), their operations are usually decentralized and local guild heads have the final word in all affairs.[5]

A slave run will usually be performed by three slavers: Two capture the slaves, while the third one is responsible for security: Eliminating anyone who opposes the operation. The "muscle" is typically just an enforcer, while the slavers responsible for subduing prospective slaves are specially trained. Losing them is a problem for the guild and the guild master is rightfully pissed off when that happens, docking the pay of the enforcer severely.[6]

Smaller towns in northern the former American Southwest are usually too weak to deter visiting slavers, while the larger ones greatly benefit from the guild's business: Vault City frequently purchases slaves from guild traders from the Den,[7] while New Reno buys them for prostitution, manual labor and even drug testing. They are one of the largest customers of the Slavers Guild, with the Jet project alone having consumed at least a hundred slaves during development.[8]

The primary opposition to the guild comes from the New California Republic and its anti-slavery laws[9] and the paramilitary outfit called the New California Republic Rangers. The latter is particularly difficult for the guild, as they continue to harass their operations, striking at slaving operations from hidden safehouses in the north, killing slavers and liberating slaves. The guild constantly looks for ways to eliminate the opposition, or at least undermine their operations.[10]


  • The player character can become a member of the guild by talking to Metzger and participating in slave runs as protection detail for slavers capturing tribals and nomads. The player character can participate in runs until they capture a total of 30 slaves. However, the counter is lowered by 2 for every slave killed, allowing the player character to participate in them indefinitely, as long as they don't go over 30 or drop below 0.
  • Metzger rules the Den and has to be interacted with to get Vic out. The player character can also sell some of their followers to him or kill him to allow the more peaceful, upstanding elements of the Den to take over.

Shop inventory

Metzger sells the following items at the Den headquarters with a barter skill of 100% and restocks every 1-5 days. The shop inventory appears to consist of loot collected from slave runs.

Weapons Ammunition Medical Miscellaneous items


The Slaver's Guild appears in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

This faction, "Slavers Guild," is spelled "Slaver's Guild" throughout the game files.



  1. The Chosen One: "{250}{}{What kind of shipments do you receive here?}"
    Wallace: "{259}{}{Depends on where the caravan is from. We get shipments from many places... Servants from the Den, uranium from Broken Hills, and metal ore from Redding.}"
  2. The Chosen One: "{286}{}{Where do you get the slaves?}"
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    The Chosen One: "{273}{}{Let's do it.}"
    Metzger: "{310}{}{What do you know, you didn't even cry. I'm so proud of you... actually, that tat looks pretty good on you. Just give a holler when you're ready for your first slave run.}"
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    The Chosen One: "{327}{}{Okay.}"
    Metzger: "{340}{}{Just kill all the hostile ones. If they attack you, kill them. I don't want to deal with them anymore, too big of a fucking hassle. Once you're done, the other slavers will round up and tag the rest.}"
    The Chosen One: "{341}{}{Okay.}"
    Metzger: "{350}{}{Once they start tagging the slaves, you can head back if you like. It takes special training, so don't try to subdue the others yourself. You can do whatever you want just as long as you don't damage the goods.}"
    The Chosen One: "{351}{}{All right.}"
    Metzger: "{324}{}{Good, you can leave now.}"
  7. The Chosen One: "{173}{}{What goods do you receive from the caravans?}"
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    The Chosen One: "{260}{}{What can you tell me about the Den?}"
    Wallace: "{265}{}{It's a... community to the west of here. We frequently purchase Servants from their traders. It's quite a rough place, from what I've heard.}"
    Wallace: {266}{}{I'm sure a... Servant appropriator... such as yourself has a much more thorough knowledge of that place than I.}"
  8. The Chosen One: "{863}{}{How much testing exactly?}"
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    The Chosen One: "{871}{}{Are you insane? You killed a hundred human beings just for drug testing?!}"
    Myron: "{880}{myn127}{Well, not on purpose. I mean, slaves are expensive. Still, we made the money back in the first few months, so the Mordino Family wasn't too pissed at me.}"
  9. The Chosen One: "{120}{}{What can you tell me about this town?}"
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  10. The Chosen One: "{110}{}{I'm looking for work.}"
    Vortis: "{124}{}{Work? Well...there might be something. You ever hear of the New California Rangers?}"
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    Vortis: "{147}{}{Well then, you should know some folks see them as a potential problem. It would be extremely useful if we had a map of their safe houses through the north - New Reno, Klamath, wherever. I'd be willing to pay, oh say, $500 for something like that. You think you could get that for me?}"