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The shanty store[1] is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


Leonard Moore, аn enterprising soul, trades scrap, general goods, and ammo from here. His only companion is Jangles, a moon monkey. When confronted, Leonard will strictly insist on only discussing trading, therefore, giving little information about himself as a character. This suggests Leonard is rather similar to the other merchants throughout the Commonwealth except he does not travel.


The store is located southeast of Coastal Cottage. It consists of an elevated shack with a trade counter for customers and living quarters for Moore. There is a cooking stove and a water pump, both of which can be used by the player character. There is a bed, and several melon and gourd plants, but these are marked as owned. There are miscellaneous food and junk items on display outside, also marked as owned.


  • Directly north of the store is a possible mirelurk queen spawn location.
  • His small trading post can be seen from a distance due to its "Open" sign on the front.
  • The water pump here is the only one in the game that is not located in a settlement or potential settlement.
  • The bed cannot be used even if Leonard is killed.
  • This is the last store of any kind that will be found before departing the mainland for Far Harbor, and a good place to stock up on ammo.


The shanty store appears only in Fallout 4.