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Sean C. McCoy is an actor and director who voiced the young Wally Mack, Harden Simms, Bryan Wilks and other male children in Fallout 3.


McCoy was a child actor when he provided voice work on Fallout 3. He now works as a filmmaker and photographer, and runs a YouTube channel where he publishes his work. He has also appeared in several theatre and film roles.


Fallout series

2008Fallout 3Young Wally Mack
Harden Simms
Bryan Wilks (uncredited)
Derek Pacion (uncredited)
Eclair (uncredited)
James Hargrave (uncredited)
Joseph (uncredited)
Junior Smith (uncredited)
Knick Knack (uncredited)
Squire Maxson (uncredited)
Ralph (uncredited)
Sammy (uncredited)
Squirrel (uncredited)
Zip (uncredited)
Biwwy (uncredited)
Little Lamplighter (uncredited)

Other work

TBAFallout: Miami (mod)TBA