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UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Merk.
Check Accuracy Verification: Transcript direct from game files as of 05:37, 8 August 2023 (UTC).



{100}{}{You see a well-dressed, heavy set man who moves with deliberate slowness.}
{101}{}{It's Merk - folks call him The Man around here.}
{102}{}{This fellow's got an air of arrogant coldness to him, like he cares for you no more than the fly he just squished between his fingers.}
{103}{}{Hey, I've seen you in the movies! Come to show me some action, have you?}
{104}{}{Whaddya mean, disturbing my peace like this? Get outta here.}
{105}{}{Excuse me, I got business to conduct.}
{106}{}{You wanna talk business, see me at the Rawhide . Otherwise leave me alone.}
{107}{}{I've seen you on the silver screen, ain't I? You got impressive, uh, credentials.}
{108}{}{You got that certain look in your eyes. Stop by the Rawhide - I could always use somebody like you.}
{109}{}{Shit, what's that smell? Something just walked into the room.}
{110}{}{Go fetch me another whiskey - quick now.}
{111}{}{Got no time right now.}
{112}{}{I'm a guest here. Stop bothering me.}
{113}{}{Hey baby, nice tracts you got. Carlson's taste's improving.}
{114}{}{I don't do business here.}
{115}{}{I don't know you. I'm a respectable businessman.}
{116}{}{Well, if it ain't the wuss. Go on and leave me alone.}
{117}{}{So, decided to look me up after all, eh baby?}
{118}{}{I don't know nothing about nothing, understand.}
{119}{}{The veep's not gonna like you bothering his guests.}
{120}{}{Damn fine booze the man serves here.}
{121}{}{Get outta my way!}
{122}{}{You wanna talk to somebody, go buy yourself a friend.}
{123}{}{I don't give directions and I don't pass out change. Bug off.}
{124}{}{What is this - social hour?}
{125}{}{I'm Merk. Whattya want?}
{126}{}{You again?}
{127}{}{Well keep it polite, punk, or this could get ugly.}
{129}{}{I'm looking for work.}
{130}{}{Informed sources say you're the man to see about doing business, if you know what I mean.}
{131}{}{They say you're the man who ripped off my car.}
{132}{}{I'm looking for some information.}
{133}{}{Some say you might know a thing or two about, oh say, stuff missing from cars.}
{134}{}{You again? So's the job done?}
{137}{}{I got some questions}
{138}{}{Hmm... Strong. Dumb...If you want a job, talk to Mira. Understand? Mi-ra. Over there.}
{139}{}{Like making noises? Will somebody get this brahmin turd out of here?}
{140}{}{Are you that stupid? You think I'm just gonna hire anybody? You work for me, you got to prove you're good for something.}
{141}{}{How about I just shoot Lenny, there? He deserves it.}
{142}{}{Prove like how?}
{143}{}{You know anybody who'd like some jet, maybe?}
{144}{}{Listen, I'm} //258
{145}{}{Right. Like I got to prove myself to you. Forget you, slugwort.}
{146}{}{It was that goddamn Doofus, wasn't it? That little junkie talks to much for his own good. Tell you what - you cap him for me -- call it a favor -- and then we'll talk.}
{148}{}{Whoa - I'm not that cold-blooded!}
{149}{}{And they're gonna say you were a dumb ass. Boys-}
{150}{}{Interesting. Now who'd go saying something like that?}
{151}{}{Don't bullshit me, fat man. If I don't get back what's mine, somebody'll be shopping for your burial suit.}
{152}{}{Cute. You gonna answer my question or not?}
{153}{}{Oh, it's just something I heard. Just wanted to see what you'd say.}
{154}{}{Supposing I do know something. What of it?}
{155}{}{Now if a man had some things missing, do you suppose he could buy those things back?}
{156}{}{I want my shit back, fat man!}
{157}{}{How about I talk to the law?}
{158}{}{I'm tired of this. Boys - take care of our guest.}
{159}{}{I don't think Lenny would like that.}
{160}{}{Probably, but I wasn't asking him.}
{161}{}{Have it your way.}
{162}{}{True. Been too dull around here. Time for a little one-on-one in the basement. Come on, Lenny, I want to watch you kill this}
{163}{}{Like I've got problems that need solving.}
{164}{}{Such as?}
{165}{}{Jet? Are you proposing something...?}
{166}{}{My friend here knows how to make it. Interested?}
{167}{}{Something illegal? No, I wouldn't do that.}
{168}{}{Intriguing. I'll give you $1000 for his services - permanently.}
{170}{}{No, I can't do that to a friend.}
{171}{}{Looks like we can do business, friend. Here's the deal - there's a loopy scientist in town - Dr. Henry. He's got some papers I'd like. I'll pay $1000 for them. Oh, and I don't want no harm to come to Dr Henry. He's useful alive. Interested? }
{172}{}{I'm on it.}
{173}{}{Nope, not my style.}
{174}{}{Knowledge costs you. Am I clear?}
{175}{}{"The price of wisdom is above rubies."}
{176}{}{Here's $50.}
{177}{}{Forget it.}
{178}{}{Oh, you're that person.}
{180}{}{Well, as far as I'm concerned, here you're just a pile of dung.}
{181}{}{I had you figured for a wuss.}
{182}{}{Okay. No problem. I don't want no trouble. I'll tell you what, I'll even have my boys put the stuff right back where they found it.}
{183}{}{It better be, or I'll be back.}
{184}{}{Don't give me this bs!}
{185}{}{Such a person just might be able to.}
{186}{}{Now, I suggest you leave.}
{187}{}{By all means, call in the officers. Of course, I assume you have evidence to back up your wild accusation.}
{188}{}{Yeah, sure.}
{189}{}{Never mind.}
{190}{}{Such as there's a damn Hubologist in town who has irritated me. Once this itch is scratched, come back and talk to me.}
{191}{}{Consider it done. I got just the backscratcher for him but... what's an Hubologist and where do I find him?}
{192}{}{How dare you speak against the true belief!}
{193}{}{Sorry, I don't get involved in religious wars.}
{194}{}{Well, I am a learned man. What's your question?}
{195}{}{Ask away.}
{196}{}{I'm looking for Vault 13.}
{197}{}{Ever hear of a GECK?}
{198}{}{What do you know about some outfit called the Rangers?}
{199}{}{What can you tell me about some guy named Westin?}
{200}{}{I'm looking for info on Vice-President Carlson.}
{201}{}{That's it.}
{202}{}{Your payment gets you one question. Another costs you another $50.}
{203}{}{Okay, here.}
{204}{}{I've got all the facts I need.}
{205}{}{Just so happens, I've got a map to Vault 13. It's only 1000 bucks. You interested?}
{206}{}{Sure. I'll take it.}
{207}{}{And I'll bet you've got a bridge to sell, too.}
{208}{}{Maybe later.}
{209}{}{Is it some kind of chem out of New Reno? I've never heard of it.}
{210}{}{Nope. I've got some more questions, though.}
{211}{}{That's all I needed to know.}
{212}{}{Those bastards? Best stay out of my place or I'll put a hole in them.}
{213}{}{Well, that was informative. Another question.}
{214}{}{That's all I needed to know.}
{215}{}{The rancher, eh? Came in here one time, about croaked. Town doc had to rush over with some pills - seems Westin's got a heart condition. Ruined business for the rest of the night.}
{216}{}{Thanks for the info. I've got some more questions.}
{217}{}{That's all I needed to know.}
{218}{}{As a good citizen, I applaud Carlson's opposition to any New Reno influence around here. Now that Westin's dead, I've been helping out with security for the Vice President.}
{219}{}{Oh, well, I guess I'll never get to meet the man. I've heard a lot about him, too.}
{220}{}{That's all I needed to know.}
{221}{}{That all?}
{222}{}{No, I've got some more questions}
{223}{}{Yeah, that's it for now.}
{224}{}{Hey, a man's got to try. Vault 13's practically a religion around here. They've even built a statue to some chump who supposedly came from there. That's all I know.}
{225}{}{I sold you a map for it. Try using it.}
{226}{}{That map didn't pan out? Sorry. The guy swore it was genuine. How was I to know? I don't know where Vault 13 is.}
{227}{}{I've got some more questions.}
{228}{}{That's all I need to know.}
{229}{}{Tell you what. I like your work and Carlson could use another guard. Give a little time and there'll be a job waiting for you down there.}
{230}{}{I'm on it, Merk.}
{231}{}{I don't need a job. Thanks anyway.}
{232}{}{Excellent. Come back when you're done.}
{233}{}{That is very troubling.

Boys, kill him and recover this evidvence.}
{234}{}{Your feeble attempts to intimidate me are almost amusing, but now I suggest you leave before I tire of this game.}
{235}{}{Ah, I've heard the news. You still interested in a job?}
{236}{}{Yeah, I'm tired of freebies. I could use the work.}
{238}{}{What the hell you doing in my place?}
{239}{}{I was out of line before. I won't do it again. I just want a little of your time.}
{240}{}{I'll do what I want, you weasel.}
{241}{}{Get out of here, you warthog!}
{242}{}{Then what're you doing here you dumb shit? You wanna impress me, then get things done!}
{243}{}{I'm not talking to you until the job's done!}
{244}{}{That disappoints me. I normally remove things that disappoint me. However, in your case I can be generous. Just leave and don't come back and I'll forget all about it.}
{245}{}{So, is that little business with Dr. Henry done?}
{246}{}{Yeah, I got the papers you want.}
{248}{}{Days like this make me so happy. Well, let's conclude our business.}
{249}{}{It has come to my attention that the ingenious doctor expired during your visit. That was against my orders. To recoup future losses I think it will be necessary to receive a refund.}
{250}{}{Look, I'll just give you 500 bucks and we'll forget the whole deal.}
{251}{}{Screw you.}
{252}{}{Well, success in your ventures. I see no reason for us to talk again.}
{253}{}{Fine by me.}
{254}{}{Deal - but only because I like you. I suggest you don't come back any time soon.}
{255}{}{I think I'll just kill you, get my money back, and collect a reward. After all, that's what being a good citizen is all about.}
{256}{}{You again! DIE!}
{257}{}{I thought I said don't bother me anymore.}
{258}{}{ and I'm a badass mofo. Just ask anybody.}
{259}{}{ guy.}
{260}{}{ chick.}
{261}{}{A Hubologist is a nut-case religious fanatic. It can be found at the church in town.}
{262}{}{I'm on my way.}

{263}{}{I'm not talking to you until the job's done! I need those papers from Dr. Henry's place, pronto.}
{264}{}{No, but I need some information.}
{265}{}{I know Lenny's death ain't no accident, you bastard.}
{266}{}{Hey that map was a fake.}
{267}{}{Well what about the money I gave you.}
{268}{}{Like I said sorry it didn't pan out for you.}
{269}{}{Well how bout you eat this bullet for my trouble.}

{271}{}{You gain }
{272}{}{exp for Retriving Dr. Henry's papers.}