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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Duppo, the head of the Stockmen's Association in NCR Downtown.


{100}{}{You see a red-faced, friendly looking man.}
{101}{}{It's Duppo. He runs the Stockmen's Association.}
{102}{}{He's a stocky fellow and with constantly flushed face and shock of thin blond hair. He walks with a slight limp.}
{103}{}{Greetings, stranger. Don't know you from these parts, so that means you're not a rancher. You come looking for work or are you here to buy?}
{104}{}{What'll it be, stranger?}
{107}{}{Well, my name's Duppo. Ranch supplies and hiring hall, all done right here. Gotta say, you don't look like a brahmin puncher. How are you with a gun?}
{108}{}{Still looking for some guards, if you're interested.}
{109}{}{Heh. Kill.}
{110}{}{Good enough.}
{111}{}{I'm not into violence.}
{112}{}{Well, here's my stock. Make sure to look at all my tables for more inventory. If you don't like what I got, get your ass to that shyster Buster. Of course, he'll rob you blind.}
{113}{}{Well, sounds like you'll do. We're looking for guards for a brahmin drive up to Redding. Pay's $2000 minus any stock lost before you get there. If you're interested, be at the gate to Westin's place tomorrow. If you don't show, you don't go. Deal?}
{114}{}{Me come.}
{115}{}{No like. Me no do.}
{116}{}{Sounds good.}
{117}{}{Nah, I don't want to go to Redding.}
{118}{}{Well, then there's no work for you here. Countryside's a rough place. No place for weaklings, stranger. }
{119}{}{Anything else?}
{120}{}{Good enough. Anything else, stranger?}
{124}{}{I'm looking for Roger Westin. Ever hear of him?}
{125}{}{Where can I find Frank Carlson?}
{128}{}{You mean Roger Weston? West of town.}
{129}{}{One of the stockholders in this place. West of town. I don't think he's looking for ranch hands, if that's what you're thinking.}
{130}{}{He's the vice-president; I know that much. Otherwise, can't tell you anything, really. Spends all his time at the Presidential House. Hardly ever comes out, especially now what with all the trouble we've been having.}
{131}{}{Carlson. Big chief man. Lives in big house. That all.}
{132}{}{Sorry - cattle drive season's over. Come back in a few months.}

{133}{}{Yeah, yeah... Is there any other way to make a quick buck in town?}
{134}{}{There might be somthing like that. Let's just say the officials wouldn't want to know about an opportunity like this.}
{135}{}{Well, I would be willing to pay a little for some information.}
{136}{}{Hmm how much are you willing to part with?}
{137}{}{How about 500?}
{138}{}{How about 300?}
{139}{}{How about 200?}
{140}{}{How about 100?}
{141}{}{Well, you didn't hear this here, but the password to the door in the back is GANG PROBLEM LIMB.}
{142}{}{Hmm... Doesn't sound like somthing I would be interested in.}
{143}{}{Hmmm.. Don't forget about my 10 kids.}
{144}{}{Hmmm.. Well, the wife will want a new fur.}
{145}{}{Hmmm.. You're gonna have to contribute more.}
{146}{}{Ah, a little short on funds these days?}
{147}{}{I guess so.}
{148}{}{Come on now, don't be cheap.}
{149}{}{You're getting warmer.}
{150}{}{Look, I'm going to need a little more incentive.}
{151}{}{Hurry up, before someone sees.}
{152}{}{Are you sure your not involved with the law?}
{153}{}{Look, you're almost there, just keep it coming.}
{154}{}{Alright, just a little more, I promise.}

{155}{}{Be at the gate to Westin's place tomorrow. If you don't show, you don't go, understand?}