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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Buster, weapons seller at Buster's Fine Emporium of Armament in NCR Town.


{100}{}{You see a little grease-stained guy.}
{101}{}{You're looking at Buster, the gun guy.}
{102}{}{This guy's clothes are ragged and he's got gun-bluing all over his hands, arms, and face. Still, he seems pretty cheerful.}
{103}{}{Hey, welcome to Buster's Fine Emporium of Armament! I'm Buster and there ain't nobody else. Got some fine goods here and on my shelves. Check it out. I'm ready to deal.}
{104}{}{Hey, back again? What can I do for you?}
{105}{}{Anything else?}
{106}{}{Want gun.}
{107}{}{What do you got?}
{108}{}{Maybe you can fix me up something special?}
{109}{}{I've got some questions}
{111}{}{A fine choice!}
{112}{}{Well, you got yourself a steal there, partner.}
{113}{}{Not to rush you, stranger, but I got work to do.}
{114}{}{Sure, stranger, what do you want to know?}
{115}{}{Tell me about NCR}
{116}{}{What's the deal with Merk?}
{117}{}{What can you tell me about Frank Westin?}
{118}{}{I'm looking for a meeting with Old Man Carlson. Know anybody who could help me?}
{119}{}{Do you have a GECK?}
{120}{}{That's nice stranger, but I ain't no charity.}
{121}{}{Maybe. Just might have a Triveld x10 rifle scope - would fit just fine on a hunting rifle, if somebody was interested. Let it go cheap -- $500.}
{122}{}{Hey, you already cleaned me out.}
{123}{}{Sure, it's a deal}
{124}{}{No, thanks.}
{125}{}{New California Republic - that's what it is. President Tandi and the bunch say they're trying to rebuild the old days; I figure they're just trying to grab whatever they can. Hell, I got no complaint with them - the old days is all before my time. They're kind of a prissy bunch, though - don't like slaves, gambling, whatnot. That's why I set up out here. Don't like rules - never have.}
{126}{}{I see.}
{128}{}{I don't mess with Mr. Merk and it don't pay to go gossiping about him. You got questions, go ask about him at the Rawhide.}
{129}{}{I see.}
{131}{}{Frank Westin? You mean that Congress guy? Got himself a spread out west of town. Brahmin man - big wheel in the Stockman's Association. He's always looking for hands, if you're wanting work.}
{132}{}{I see.}
{134}{}{Funny you go asking that after what happened to Frank Westin. Not that I'd know, but there's a fellow - Merk - down at the Rawhide who might be able to help you.}
{135}{}{I see.}
{137}{}{That one of them pre-war imports? Let me guess, 14mm ammo? Nope, ain't got one.}
{138}{}{I see.}
{140}{}{Look, I can't do this on anything but a hunting rifle. It's the way the mount's built, understand?}
{141}{}{I see.}
{143}{}{The joint's closed. Bug off.}
{144}{}{God! Come back at a decent hour, will ya?}
{145}{}{Come back when I'm open - and close the tent flap behind ya.}
{146}{}{I'm closed.}
{147}{}{Look, just get out or Mr. .45 is gonna get unhappy!}
{148}{}{Wrong move, stranger.}
{149}{}{Here is what I have on this shelf. If you need anything else make sure to check out the other shelves also.}