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San Francisco is a city in California. After the Great War, its population consists mostly of the Shi, who are the descendants of the crew of a Chinese submarine that crashed there, and of the members of a religious cult known as Hubology.


Much of the city is a ruin, re-founded after the war by Chinese submariners that drifted into the San Francisco harbor after their submarine, the Shih-huang-ti, suffered system failure from the atomic war. The Shi climbed out and began rebuilding the city with what few survivors they had, scrapping their beached submarine to create their Steel Palace.[1][2]

San Francisco rose into a hub of technology. The Shi descendants are currently working on a project that will change the world, while the local cult, the Hubology, are also working on a project, though theirs is more centered on leaving this world rather than changing it.[3] In addition to these opposing factions, it is said that two opposing fighters in San Francisco, the Dragon, who loves others, and Lo Pan, who loves himself, will determine the future of martial arts.[3] Another useful Shi is Lao Chou who seems to know everything that's happening in San Francisco.

The PMV Valdez can be found here, an aged oil tanker left sitting at the docks. Tanker vagrants have since come to call it home, but Chiang says the creatures within it, wanamingos, floaters, and centaurs, were placed there by the Enclave to prevent the tanker from being used to get to their oil rig headquarters.[3] Lao Chou mentions the Enclave flew over San Francisco from the north and out to sea.[4]


You're here to find a ship that you can use to travel to the distant Enclave. That's the only way you'll ever be able to rescue your Tribe. You'll leave more than your heart here if you're not careful. San Francisco was hit hard by nukes, but it didn't kill the city. Instead it just mutated it into something a bit weirder. You'll have to make your way past an oddly revived Chinatown, post-nuke punks, and a bizarre group of cultists called Hubologists. Hmm, maybe San Francisco hasn't changed all that much.Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets p.218



San Francisco can be found six squares east and 24 squares south of Arroyo.



Fo2 San Francisco Chinatown.jpg
Main article: Chinatown

Also called Shi-town, a location in San Francisco. Once a suburb of the great city, it has been adopted by the descendants of the Shih-huang-ti crew, who have lived in the red brick houses ever since. In 2241, it's the heart of the city and a focal point for the Shi's internal struggles.

Establishments in the district include Red 888 Guns weapons shop, Lao Chou's Flying Dragon 8 general store, Dr. Fung's clinic and the gyms of Dragon and Lo Pan as well as passages to the Golden Gate, Shi-town Docks and the Steel Palace. Off the radar is a pre-War military station, currently controlled by the Brotherhood of Steel, manned by a single soldier named Matthew.

Steel Palace

Fo2 Steel Palace of the Shi.png
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The Steel Palace is the main base of the Shi, Chinese inhabitants of San Francisco. It is a small, reinforced structure, protected by heavily armed guards (H&K G11s and M72 Gauss rifles are common), lies the Emperor mainframe (also a relic from the submarine) that records and analyzes the history of the faction, advising Ken Lee.

Shi Town Docks

Fo2 San Francisco Docks.jpg
Main article: Shi-town Docks

The docks support a population of slags as well as Shi children. It is not a terribly healthy place to live, judging by the rust-brown color of the water surrounding the ancient and corroding PMV Valdez.

Golden Gate

Fo2 SF Hubologist Compound.png
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The Golden Gate is the place that the Hubology call home. The location is divided into two smaller sections: the cracked bridge where their space shuttle is located, and a bunker that serves as their headquarters; the latter being the most notable locale of the two. In the bunker, the Chosen One can find the most important people of the Hubologist sect, the AHS-7 and AHS-9, as well as Vikki Goldman and Juan Cruz, two porn stars from New Reno who are in support of the Hubologist cause.


The Shi

Main article: Shi

For the most part, the city's population is made up of the Shi, the descendants of Chinese submarine crewmen that were beached in San Francisco shortly after the Great War. By 2242, the Shi became a major research and development house, one that stayed out of wasteland politics. They are ruled over by an emperor, but his head adviser actually handles Shi affairs.


Main article: Hubologists

The Hubologists, a cult focused on the pre-War "teachings" of Dick Hubbell also call the city home and have secured a pre-War USS Quetzel, which they intend to repair and use to leave Earth, by launching it using the now-ruined Golden Gate Bridge as a launch platform. The shuttle itself was found at San Francisco International Airport and was likely involved in a scrapped plan to transport Enclave personnel off-planet to escape the War.

The group promotes the idea that humans are plagued by the spirits, or 'neurodynes' of the dead. Through a 'cleansing' process offered at Hubology centers called 'alignment', members can remove these negative influences and gain greater powers.

PMV Valdez vagrants

Main article: Tanker vagrants

These vagrants are a diverse collective of solitary wanderers, social outcasts and survivalists from across the wasteland that immigrated to San Francisco for the tolerance and respect for secrecy there. They eventually occupied the deck of the abandoned tanker, forcing the creatures that inhabited it to remain in the holds.

Brotherhood of Steel

Main article: Brotherhood of Steel

The Brotherhood of Steel has a large outpost in San Francisco, although it is outwardly indiscernible from other Brotherhood outposts. Its distinguishing feature is an extensive basement stocked with Brotherhood technology and armaments, but otherwise, the faction maintains a low profile in San Francisco.

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San Francisco appears only in Fallout 2. Its aquarium is mentioned in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel. The city's Golden Gate Bridge appears in the Atomic Command game in Fallout 4, and through Kellogg's memories, as the Golden Gate is seen out of the window. It is also mentioned in Fallout 76 as part of the Patriotism Training at Camp McClintock,[6] as well as in the update Wild Appalachia.[7] The city was also going to be mentioned in Van Buren.

Developer Statements

  • In the Fallout Bible, San Francisco is mentioned as the location in which the Shi eventually went into an uneasy trading relationship with the tanker vagrants after the destruction of the Hubologists, and the two groups went on to make the location a major fishing and trading center.[Dev 1][Dev 2]
  • The location was planned for inclusion Van Buren, where the Enclave would have nuked the city.[Dev 3]
  • Originally, Fallout: New Vegas was going to feature a line of dialogue stating that San Francisco had been destroyed since the events of Fallout 2. Bethesda asked for Obsidian to remove this line, however, so that the city could be used as a potential future location for the series.[Dev 4]


PCPC Pressing 5 at the San Francisco map will bring the Chosen One to a location with an "UNUSED ART" room - shuttle interior. Attempting to examine certain things will allow the player character only to see a shuttle wall. There is no way to exit out of this area other than using an earlier save.



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    The Chosen One: "{180}{}{Short.}"
    Fung: "{182}{}{Our people landed here on the submarine Shih-huang-ti, when the missiles exploded over the world. With the aid of a cult, we, the Shi, rebuilt San Francisco. That is the short version.}"
    The Chosen One: "{183}{}{How about the long version?}"
    Fung: "{186}{}{The long version is this: We are here because our people are the descendants of the crew of a nuclear submarine, called the Shih-huang-ti. When the missiles fell in the Great Deluge, the systems aboard the submarine failed and we drifted in the dark for many days.}"
    Fung: "{188}{}{At last, we drifted ashore. We found ourselves near the ruins of San Francisco. Most of the city was devastated in the war. We had to recreate society based on the few survivors who had crept back to the city.}"
    Fung: "{190}{}{We rebuilt with what we could find, and we have scientists and technology the world must envy. We are rebuilding civilization, but not as that horrid Master creature did.}"
    (Fung's dialogue)
  2. Chosen One: "{128}{}{What's the history of the place?}"
    Ken Lee: "{149}{}{We were the survivors from the wreck of a submarine. When we ran aground, we stripped the metal from the submarine to create the Palace. Some do not believe this.}"
    The Chosen One: "{150}{}{Hm. It sounds almost as if you're berating someone.}"
    Ken Lee: "{178}{}{Berating someone? Any fool who had done their research can see that the very basis of Shi-town is the wreckage of this submarine. It seems fruitless to argue with those who would say there is no submarine.}"
    The Chosen One: "{179}{}{That's very even-tempered of you.}"
    Ken Lee: "{180}{}{It certainly is. And I deal with these people on a daily basis. Alas!}"
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    The Chosen One: "{126}{}{Yep.}"
    Mai Da Chiang: "{128}{}{Now, we are mainly fishermen and scientists. Our fishermen catch fish. Our scientists are working on a project that they say will change the world.}"
    The Chosen One: "{129}{}{Change the world how?}"
    Mai Da Chiang: "{133}{}{I do not know. They keep their secrets to themselves.}"
    The Chosen One: "{134}{}{I see. What else is happening in town?}"
    Mai Da Chiang: "{137}{}{We have two rivals of martial arts in town. They are Lo Pan, a lover of self, and the Dragon, who loves others. It is said that whoever wins will determine the future of martial arts.}"
    The Chosen One: "{138}{}{I see. Anything else in town?}"
    Mai Da Chiang: "{141}{}{There is a gang of vagrants who have moved onto the Poseidon Oil tanker on the wharf. There were monsters living inside it, but the vagrants have sealed them into the lower hull. Though they are outsiders, we are grateful to the drifters for this task.}"
  4. Chosen One: "{128}{}{I hear some flying machines brought a load of villagers down this way.}"
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Developer Statements
  1. Fallout Bible 5: "The punks on the tanker also survived, and they had a great view of the Poseidon oil rig exploding. They eventually into an uneasy trading relationship with the Shi after the destruction of the Hubologists, and the two groups went on to make San Francisco a major fishing and trading center."
  2. Fallout Bible 6: Question: "Why such a large city like San Francisco is not so well known as Vault City? The people there didn't seem to isolate like VC citizens. I also don't understand why San Fran was avoided by caravans though there was a lot of good stuff to buy."
    Answer: "It is actually well known (at least in the South), you just don't see the caravans from San Francisco. San Francisco trades fish to other cities in the wasteland. Mmmm, fish."
  3. Chris Avellone: In the 1st iteration of Van Buren, history was the Enclave nuked the hell out of San Francisco, assuming that the destruction of the oil rig was caused by attackers from that city (and also a way to clean the slate there).forums.obsidian.net Dead
  4. The History of Bethesda Game Studios - Narrator: "In fact, at one stage, they had asked Obsidian to remove a line in New Vegas about San Francisco being totally wiped off the map. They wanted the Bay Area to at least be an option for future games."