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Samuel (Fallout: New Vegas)/Dialogue

UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Samuel (Fallout: New Vegas).


188SamuelAbout188Safety Is it safe here? Fear 50 Well... There's been reports of trouble south, but me and Michelle can handle ourselves. And there's plenty of soldiers about, so that helps. 1
188SamuelAboutBusiness Why's business so good here? Neutral 50 When 15 shut down, 95 became the route NCR citizens use to get to the Strip - or limp back home, after the Strip's drained 'em of caps. 2
Happy 50 We get 'em coming and going. Coming, the suckers flush with caps they saved to gamble on the Strip... 3
Happy 50 ...and going, the same folks, but now they're losers who'll trade you the shirt off their backs so they don't starve before they make it back home. 4
Happy 50 Add in the troopers marching back and forth from McCarran and the Dam, and well, let's just say we don't miss Primm. 5
188SamuelAboutPrimm Why'd you leave Primm? Neutral 50 Michelle and I ran a little shop in Primm 'till a prison break north of town spoiled it for everyone. Goddamned convicts just about shut down I-15. 6
Happy 50 When traffic dried up, we took to our heels to find us some customers. I'm not one to sit around waiting to get saved, and Michelle ain't, neither. 7
Who are you? Happy 50 Samuel Kerr at your service. Me and my daughter Michelle run this fine establishment. 8
Happy 50 We came here from Primm about a month past. Doesn't look like much, but it's one hell of a location. 9
188SamuelBoastSavePrimm I took care of those prisoners myself. Primm is clear now. Neutral 50 Guess that makes you a big hero - in Primm. Like I said, me and Michelle didn't sit around waiting to be saved. Business is better here, anyway. {whimsical, not scolding} 10
188SamuelBuySell I'd like to see what you have for sale. Neutral 50 You bet. 11
188SamuelRepair I need something repaired. Neutral 50 Let me see what I can do. 12
GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Welcome to the 188 Slop & Shop. Like our slogan says, "It's better than nothing." 13
GREETING Happy 50 Feeling thirsty? 14