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Safe at Home Hotel

Safe at Home Hotel is a location advertised in the Commonwealth.


The hotel was promoted by way of several posters along the walls of First Street in Diamond City, near the Dugout Inn. The ads described their reasonable rates for regular rooms, those with kitchenettes, and suites. Amenities advertised included breakfast and in-room bars.

The hotel poster detailing the in-room bar advertises the service includes mixers, ice cubes, and glassware. It continues to describe "island drink favorites" that can be created, such as the "South Sea Cooler" made with crème de menthe and a rum drink named the "Pagan Bowl," served in a whole, fresh Hawaiian pineapple.[1]


The game files for Fallout 4 include an unused sign, which further describes the hotel as having a bar and featuring free television, refrigerators, and telephones.


The Safe at Home Hotel is mentioned only in Fallout 4.