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Roy James Brown was a pioneering Rhythm & Blues singer, songwriter and musician who had a primary influence on the early development of rock & roll music. Brown sang R&B tunes with a gospel feel, the first blues singer to do so. His seminal "Good Rocking Tonight" was covered by Wynonie Harris, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis and Pat Boone. In addition, his melodramatically pleading, gospel-steeped delivery impacted the vocal styles of B.B. King, Bobby Bland, Jackie Wilson and Little Richard. His role as a crucial link between postwar R&B and rock's initial rise is unappreciated by the masses.

Fallout 3

The songs "Butcher Pete (Part 1)" and "Mighty, Mighty Man," performed by Brown, are used in Fallout 3 and played on Galaxy News Radio.

Fallout: New Vegas

Though not used in game, the title of the quest "Hard Luck Blues" references Brown's song of the same name.

Fallout 4

The songs "Butcher Pete (Part 1)," "Butcher Pete (Part 2)," "Good Rocking Tonight" and "Mighty, Mighty Man" are played on Diamond City Radio.

Fallout 76

The song "Butcher Pete (Part 1)" is played on Appalachia Radio.


Fallout series

2008Fallout 3"Butcher Pete (Part 1)"
"Mighty, Mighty Man"
2015Fallout 4"Butcher Pete (Part 1)"
"Butcher Pete (Part 2)"
"Good Rocking Tonight"
"Mighty, Mighty Man"
2018Fallout 76"Butcher Pete (Part 1)"