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Robotics Expert (Fallout 3)

FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor an overview of the topic, see Robotics Expert.
With the Robotics Expert perk, you do an additional 25% damage to any robot. Also, sneaking up on a hostile robot undetected and deactivating it will put that robot into a permanent shutdown state.— In-game description

Robotics Expert is a perk in Fallout 3.


The perk grants an extra 25% damage dealt to robots. It also allows to permanently shut down robots, while in sneak mode and behind the target. Despite the perk's description, this can also be done when already in combat.

The perk affects the following robot types:

Additional dialogue

Additional dialogue options are unlocked with certain robots with this perk. These often bypass Speech checks:


  • A deactivated robot cannot be targeted in V.A.T.S. However, it can still take damage, and destroying it will give the same experience and loot as normal.
  • Every attack on a deactivated robot while sneaking will register as a "sneak attack critical."
  • Making physical contact with a deactivated robot while sneaking may still alert other robots in the vicinity to the player's presence.
  • Automated Turrets are scripted as robots and can be disabled with this perk. While in many cases they are out of reach, ceiling-mounted turrets can be disabled if the player is able to reach them by jumping while crouched.
  • When sneaking up on a robot with this perk, if "talk" is selected, it talks to the player character and does not attack. (e.g. a sentry bot, when the talk selection is selected, it will say "Do not interfere with security operations.")
  • Sergeant RL-3 can be disabled with this perk.