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Robert Nesler is a developer who worked at Interplay Entertainment on Fallout Tactics as an executive producer. He also provided concept art for Van Buren. Nesler later joined Brian Fargo's InXile Entertainment and then Obsidian Entertainment.

Employment history

19902002Interplay EntertainmentArtist/Animator/Art Director
20022003Shiny EntertainmentArt Director
20032004TreyarchExecutive Producer
20042005High Moon StudiosLead Artist
20052012InXile EntertainmentLead Artist/Art Director
2012PresentObsidian EntertainmentStudio Art Director


Fallout series

2001Fallout TacticsExecutive Producer
2003 (canceled)Van BurenConcept artist

Other work

2004The Bards' TaleAdditional Art
2018Pillars of Eternity II: DeadfireArt Director
2019The Outer WorldsArt Director