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Robert "Rob" O. Lee is a developer who worked on Fallout: New Vegas as an area designer.


Lee was responsible for designing and implementing the unmarked quest Help for Halford;[1] he also may have been responsible for setting up the encounters at the sacked caravans found during Heartache by the Number.[2] He also came up with Fisto.[3] He also was responsible for the X-13 Research Facility terminal entries in Old World Blues.[4]

Employment history

September 2008March 2012Obsidian EntertainmentDesigner
March 2012August 2013ZeniMax Online StudiosContent Designer
May 2014June 2017Obsidian EntertainmentSenior Designer
June 2017July 2019Gray Mantle GamesSenior Game Designer
July 2019November 2020Deep Silver VolitionSenior Tech Designer
November 2020PresentStriking Distance StudiosSenior Level Designer


Fallout series

2010Fallout: New VegasArea Designer

Other work

2010Alpha ProtocolDesigner
2014South Park: The Stick of TruthAdditional Design
2019The Outer WorldsAdditional Area Design

Behind the scenes

  • His birthday coincided with the end of Fallout: New Vegas’ development. On October 1, 2010, the official Bethesda Blog created a post featuring Robert Lee and a Fallout: New Vegas themed birthday cake that his wife made.[Ext 1]


  1. Who's idea was that cool unmarked quest at Camp Guardian with the Lakelurks?
    Joshua Sawyer: I think the basic idea was mine but Rob Lee designed and implemented the whole thing.
    (Joshua Sawyer Formspring answers)
  2. Was the non-Van Graff black combat armor that you find at the destroyed caravan intentional? Because I was relieved you can get cool-looking black combat armor without being affiliated with those Van Graff jerks...
    Joshua Sawyer: No idea. I think Rob Lee or Jesse Farrell set those encounters up.
    (Joshua Sawyer Formspring answers)
  3. Was it you who thought of fisto?
    Joshua Sawyer: That was Robert Lee.
    (Joshua Sawyer Formspring answers)
  4. Chris Avellone: "@psmithnv Thanks, Paul - Rob Lee did the X-13 emails, Travis Stout did the final PC brain and appliances, so kudos to them."
Developer Statements
  1. [https://archive.ph/WPJQS Bethesda Blog: New Vegas News: It’s done! Plus PC reqs, and cake (October 1, 2010)