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Riley Mustafa was an employee of Atomic Mining Services in 2076.


Riley attended a university in an unnamed commonwealth with Taylor Osman, receiving degrees in the robotics field. Approximately a decade after graduating, the two reconnected after running into each other at a music festival.[1]

Riley was excited to learn that Taylor also lived in Watoga, working with another technology giant, RobCo Industries. Due to Taylor's position in RobCo, Riley asked if they could divulge any information on upcoming issues of RobCo Fun. Taylor replied that they weren't able to talk shop about anything specific, but would let them know if they received any discounted copies internally.[2]

While communicating via email, Taylor filled Riley in on two of their former classmates Ala and Sinan, who also worked in the area on mining contracts. They suggested a get-together over the upcoming Veteran's Day.[3] In the meantime, the two began coordinating playdates for their children and agreed that their wives would likely get along.[1]

Riley, much like their daughter Willie, was a fan of Grognak the Barbarian, to the point that E. Uttley theorized they missed a morning meeting because of their dedication to reading the comics.[4]


Riley Mustafa is mentioned only in Fallout 76.