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Rich Taylor is a former executive whose skeleton is found near Pylon V-13 in the Cranberry Bog.


Rich used to work in management and research and development at the Nuka-Cola Corporation's Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant and had research assistants employed under him. One of these assistants, Clara, sought revenge against Nuka-Cola for getting her mother addicted to chemicals in their drinks. To enact this revenge, she attacked Rich and his family, managing to kill his son before he "put her down." He managed to escape, but became separated from his wife as he traveled through the Cranberry Bog. He eventually died, having run out of supplies, but not before leaving a message describing his circumstances.[1]

Although his exact employment details are not specified, a duffle bag positioned near Rich's skeleton contains the toolbox key. This unlocks a toolbox near the Drumlin Diner in Watoga, itself containing the key to Clara's box. This association of clues provides greater context for the situation, part of a larger key hunt to unlock TNT dome #3 at Black Mountain Ordnance Works.


Rich Taylor's appears only in Fallout 76.