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Be careful out there. You don't want to end up on that table in Red's clinic.Timebomb

Red's clinic is the only location in Big Town where the player character can get healed or trade items, but only if Red is rescued in the Big Trouble in Big Town quest.


Run by Red, it's the only clinic in Big Town. The clinic is closed when the player character first arrives because Red was kidnapped by Super Mutants and taken to the Germantown Police HQ.


The house has a front and back door. Inside, there are four rooms. In the operating room, Timebomb lies unconscious on an operating table. The shelf near the backdoor holds various items including Red's clinic medical supplies.

There is a bathroom adjacent to the operating room. In the consulting room, there is a desk near the front door that may have one of the Replicated Man holotapes on it. The basement is accessible through the consulting room.


  • A copy of D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine can be found on a table in the kitchen.
  • A holotape for The Replicated Man quest may be found in a room adjacent to the backdoor (it will not be there if enough holotapes have been collected or if the quest is complete).

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  • The holotape will only appear if The Replicated Man quest is unfinished. Picking up the holotape will start the quest if the player character hasn't yet started it.
  • The Lockers in the basement of Red's clinic are a safe place for item storage. They do not default at any stage and no non-player characters, except companions, ever enter.


Red's clinic appears only in Fallout 3.