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Rebecca (Vault 15)

(whispering) You may think I'm crazy but I get the feeling I'm being watched all the time. It's rather disturbing, and I'm a bit on edge because of it.— Rebecca to the Chosen One

Rebecca is a squatter living in the area above Vault 15 in Fallout 2.


Rebecca is an older woman who has retained her natural beauty despite evidence of the hard life she had lived.[1] As a member of the Squatters, she is wary of strangers, as well as the NCR after they claimed the land she and the other squatters live on as theirs by ancestral heritage.[2]

She has a daughter, Chrissy, whom she loves dearly and appreciates that she is curious, open, and very responsible for her age. This makes Chrissy's recent disappearance all the more disconcerting. Zeke, the informal leader of the Squatters, has effectively blocked her from looking for Chrissy on her own, which makes Rebecca very anxious.[3]

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.


Rescue Chrissy: Rebecca's daughter, Chrissy, has gone missing. She will ask the Chosen One for help if they have shown respect for her need for discretion.


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Rebecca appears only in Fallout 2.


  1. Rebecca's character description: "{100}{}{You see an older woman.}"
    "{101}{}{You see Rebecca.}"
    "{102}{}{You see an older woman. Although she appears to have lived a hard life, she has not lost any of her natural beauty.}"
  2. The Chosen One: "{146}{}{What's going on around here?}"
    Rebecca: "{152}{}{We call this place the 'Squat' because it was settled by the homeless of many cities. It's not much, but it's all we have. To the west is a city called the NCR. They've known about us for quite some time, and never offered us any kind of help or hindrance. Now, they are suddenly claiming this area as their ancestral home, and they want it back.}"
    "{208}{}{They keep sending people here to try and talk us out of our home, but they don't understand that we have nowhere else to go. We don't have the skills necessary to survive on our own if we leave here.}"
  3. The Chosen One: "{129}{}{Okay, so what's so important?}"
    Rebecca: "{131}{}{I have a daughter named Chrissy who's a bit of a tomboy. She likes to run around, explore, and pretty much stick her nose into things. Chrissy's a good kid, though. She doesn't cause trouble, she's always home on time and she's shown herself to be a very responsible young lady. I let her do as she pleases most of the time. Last week Chrissy didn't come home. I've asked around, and nobody's seen or heard from her. I tried to find her myself, but Zeke, he's... sort of the mayor here... stopped me. He said it wasn't safe for me to go out looking on my own; he'd have some of his men do it. They couldn't find her, either, and said that maybe the slavers got her.}"