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Ranger Battle Armor

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FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor an overview of the topic, see Combat Armor (Fallout 3).

The Ranger Battle Armor is a piece of armor worn by members of the mercenary group Reilly's Rangers.


The Ranger battle armor is a variant of combat armor. Each suit has the same serial number (41-90MPW) painted on the back, along with a US Army star.

Ranger battle armor is the strongest non-powered armor available in the game, and for player characters who value Agility over Strength, the Ranger armor is preferable to power armor. Some forms of power armor also carry an explicit -1 or -2 penalty to Agility, which lowers Sneak. Furthermore, unlike power armor, combat armor requires no special training to use.

The +5 Action Points boost, +1 Luck, and +10 Small Guns make this armor particularly useful for lower-level Small Guns player characters. It remains useful for anyone up to level 30, due to Damage Resistance level, modest weight, and ease of repair.



  • The armor can be acquired during the quest Reilly's Rangers by looting the Rangers' corpses in the Statesman Hotel or as a reward from Reilly upon completion of the quest.
  • The armor can also be obtained by reverse-pickpocketing the Rangers at the Ranger Compound.

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  • If all three rangers die in the Statesman Hotel, the player character cannot receive the battle armor as the reward or participate in the unmarked side quest Geomapping with Reilly.
  • There is an unused texture for the Ranger battle helmet within the game's files.


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