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Rachel Butera is an actress who voiced Maria Chavez, Dassa Ben-Ami, Cooper Lu and other additional voices in Fallout 76. In the Wild Appalachia update, she voiced Anne Litzinger, Shelley van Lowe and Trish.


Butera was born in Bloomfield, New Jersey, and has performed in various animated series, films, and video games. She was a contestant on Season 9 of America's Got Talent. She voiced Leia Organa from Star Wars in the 2017 game Star Wars: Battlefront II. She was set to appear as her in Star Wars Resistance before being removed from the role. Butera is also known for her work in impressions and comedy.


Fallout series

2018Fallout 76Maria Chavez
Dassa Ben-Ami
Cooper Lu
Additional voices
2019Wild AppalachiaAnne Litzinger
Shelley van Lowe

Other work

2013Leisure Suit Larry: ReloadedVarious Voices
2013Dog with a BlogLucy the Parrot
2013-15Golan the InsatiableAlexis Beekler / Gale
2016-17Harvey BeaksPooker
2017Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate FactoryAugustus Gloop / Winkelmann
2017Star Wars: Battlefront IILeia Organa
2018-19The Adventures of Rocky and BullwinkleNatasha J. Fatale