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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Float dialogue for Maltese Falcon drunk


{100}{}{You see a drunk.}
{101}{}{You see a customer.}
{102}{}{You see a very pretty lady.}
{103}{}{You see a strange looking man.}
{104}{}{You see a gambler.}
{105}{}{You see a woman, see seems to be busy.}
{106}{}{You see a woman.}
{107}{}{You see a man.}
{108}{}{You see a very upset gambler.}
{109}{}{You see a mercenary.}
{110}{}{Leave me to my sorrows.}
{111}{}{Yer my bestest friend.}
{112}{}{Why you're . . . (hic) where am I?}
{113}{}{Who are you?}
{114}{}{Do I know you?}
{115}{}{I feel a little queasy.}
{116}{}{Drinks are on me, I mean you.}
{117}{}{Why are there two of you?}
{118}{}{Stand still laddy!}
{119}{}{Stand still girl!}
{120}{}{Beat it skag!}
{121}{}{Yer droppin' the class of this joint.}
{122}{}{Get away, you'll jinx me!}
{123}{}{Don't break my concentration.}
{124}{}{I'll beat this damn game yet!}
{125}{}{You any good at this?}
{126}{}{Did you see that? That was impossible!}
{127}{}{I think they're cheating.}
{128}{}{Now those are good odds.}
{129}{}{It's a sure thing.}
{130}{}{What? How could I have lost?}
{131}{}{This table's jinxed!}
{132}{}{I'm busy.}
{133}{}{Can't you see I'm playing a game here?}
{134}{}{Bet it or beat it.}
{135}{}{Leave us alone or I'll call the guards.}
{136}{}{Watch it, I'm a close friend of Deputy Fry.}
{137}{}{Do you mind?}
{138}{}{No peep shows!}
{139}{}{I don't do groups.}
{140}{}{I'm to tired for another one.}
{141}{}{You're dreaming pal, beat it!}
{142}{}{Get the hell out!}
{143}{}{What the hell do you think you're doing?}
{144}{}{Mind your manners!}
{145}{}{I'll call the cops!}
{146}{}{Don't even think about it!}
{147}{}{Get out!}
{148}{}{Beat it!}
{149}{}{What are you staring at?}
{150}{}{Do you mind?}
{151}{}{Get the hell out of our room!}
{152}{}{Get out!}
{153}{}{Are you part of the combo?}
{154}{}{Beat it pervert!}
{155}{}{What's your problem?}
{156}{}{Beat it before I get angry.}
{157}{}{Get your own.}
{158}{}{She's mine.}
{160}{}{Are you cheating?}
{161}{}{That should have been mine.}
{163}{}{Just missled it.}
{164}{}{What're the rules again?}
{165}{}{I used to be good at this.}
{166}{}{Thanks for nothing.}
{167}{}{I don't believe it!}
{168}{}{I meant to do that.}
{169}{}{Place your bets.}
{170}{}{Keep you hands away sir.}
{172}{}{Sorry folks, maybe next time.}
{173}{}{Another winner!}
{174}{}{Hands off!}
{175}{}{You're turn sir.}
{176}{}{Sorry, that's an invalid bet.}
{177}{}{That's it.}
{178}{}{Anyone else?}