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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Rooney, an elderly woman living Redding Downtown


{100}{}{You see a thin old woman who's seen better times.}
{101}{}{You see the Widow Rooney.}
{102}{}{You see a thin old woman with warts and a very furry upper lip.}
{103}{}{Get away from me.}
{104}{}{Haven't you done me enough harm to me for one lifetime?}
{105}{}{Why don't you just kill me this time?}
{106}{}{Get your kicks evicting old women, do you?}
{107}{}{Come to look at the results of your handiwork?}
{108}{}{Thanks for helping me to keep my home. I sure couldn't have done it without you. Now why don't you let Widow Rooney give you a great big kiss.}
{109}{}{Are you back for another one of Widow Rooney's thank you kisses? I just can't get enough of thanking you.}
{110}{}{Uh, well, if you must. I was curious about that well you have outside.}
{111}{}{Uh, that's okay. I was happy to help out. Goodbye.}
{112}{}{The well? Well, well... heh, heh. Nothing much to tell about it really. It's been dry for a good long time now. I could swear that I hear noises coming from it late at night, but my hearing ain't what it used to be.}
{113}{}{Noises? What kind of noises?}
{114}{}{Well, thanks for the information. Goodbye.}
{115}{}{I'm probably just hearing things anyhow, but it seems sort of like a scratching or digging sound. Probably just dogs or something.}
{116}{}{Hmm, maybe so. Well, thanks. Goodbye.}
{117}{}{Hello there, young fella. What can old Widow Rooney do fer ya?}
{118}{}{Hello there, young lady. What can old Widow Rooney do for ya?}
{119}{}{Are you my mommy?}
{120}{}{Well, I've got some bad news for you, Widow Rooney.}
{121}{}{I was just looking around and wondered who lived here. Nice to meet you, Widow Rooney.}
{123}{}{Oh, nothing, really. I was just looking around. Goodbye.}
{124}{}{I'm not your dang mommy. I already have one brahmin to take care of and I sure as hellfire don't need another. Shoo now, get out.}
{125}{}{Bye bye. Mommy.}
{126}{}{I see. So, you're the one doing Ascorti's dirty work now. What are you going to do? Kill me? Kick me out into the cold?}
{127}{}{I hope that eases what serves you for a conscience.}
{128}{}{Ascorti? Who's that?}
{129}{}{The outside air will be good for you. Move it, granny, if you know what's good for you.}
{130}{}{I can't stand the idea of anybody kicking an old lady like you out. How much do you owe in back rent?}
{131}{}{Nice to meet you, too. Not often I have polite callers. Mostly they just come in to threaten a frail old lady.}
{132}{}{People are threatening you? Why?}
{133}{}{Well, some people get their kicks in mysterious ways, I guess. Nice talking to you.}
{134}{}{Well, I owe Ascorti six months in back rent. $120 for this flea hostel. I just don't have it. Some of my brahmin took sick and died, and I couldn't pay. If I don't get him the money soon, he's gonna have the Sheriff evict me.}
{135}{}{Well, actually, I'm supposed to be doing the Sheriff's job for him. I'm the one that's supposed to kick you out now.}
{136}{}{Evict a harmless old crone like you? That's not nice. Who would do that?}
{137}{}{I'd hate to see you kicked out. Why don't you let me pay your back rent for you? I have little use for money. I'm the Chosen One.}
{138}{}{That's terrible. I'd love to help, but I don't have any liquid assets. Uh, I better be going now. Goodbye.}
{139}{}{Threatening a frail old woman with Gross Bodily Harm? You and Ascorti are cut from the same cloth. All right. I'll leave, but I'll leave you a little extra something from my gypsy ancestors. (she makes a sign with her hands) There; you have the evil eye on you now. I hope you like it.}
{140}{}{I've got a couple of gestures that you'll like, too. Here they are! (you make a few choice ones) Now get out!}
{141}{}{Gypsies, huh? Well if you're some sort of witch, maybe we should just burn you, then. Get out.}
{142}{}{Just doing a job, lady. You don't want me to have to get rough with you. Now get out. Please?}
{143}{}{Ascorti...Ascorti's nobody but the greediest, most conniving, slipperiest, low-down, weasel-crawling, gutless, slimeball in this here town. He's the Mayor as well as my landlord.}
{144}{}{Oh, *that* Ascorti. Well, why didn't you say so?}
{145}{}{I'd hate to take money from someone touched in the head. Uh, Mr. Chosen One.}
{146}{}{I'd hate to take money from someone touched in the head. Uh, Miss Chosen One.}
{147}{}{It's nothing. I'm happy to do it. Here's the $120 you need.}
{148}{}{You know, I do feel a bit woozy after that last fight. Maybe I should think about this a bit more. Goodbye.}
{149}{}{Thank you so much. You ARE the Chosen One! Thank you. I just can't wait to see the look on that Ascorti's puss when I give him the money.}
{150}{}{I was happy to help you. Goodbye.}
{151}{}{Material things mean little to me. I'm glad I was able to use the money for good.}
{152}{}{Looks like your heart is bigger than your means. Well, I thank you for the thought, anyhow.}
{153}{}{I'll try to come back later with more money. Goodbye.}
{154}{}{I'm sorry. I wish I could help. Good luck.}