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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Martin Frobisher, a prisoner in the Control Station ENCLAVE


{100}{}{You see a haggard-looking man in a blue suit.}
{101}{}{You see Martin Frobisher, spokesman for the Vault 13 prisoners.}
{102}{}{You see a haggard man in a blue vault suit just like yours.}
{103}{}{Get us out of here!}
{104}{}{Turn off the power to the doors.}
{105}{}{Power off, we go free!}
{106}{}{Get us OUT of here!}
{107}{}{Power off! Door open!}
{108}{}{We are so screwed.}
{109}{}{Get us out before they run more tests.}
{110}{}{Who are these people?}
{111}{}{Why me? Why us?}
{112}{}{We've got to get out of this place.}
{113}{}{Hey you, over here!}
{114}{}{Are you looking for me?}
{115}{}{Want to know what happened?}
{117}{}{I'm Martin, over here.}
{118}{}{Hey, you, I'm Frobisher. Here!}
{119}{}{Over heeeere!}
{121}{}{Come here!}
{122}{}{I can tell you what you want to know.}
{123}{}{My name's Martin.}
{124}{}{I can tell you what happened.}
{125}{}{Hello there, I'm Martin Frobisher. I speak for these people. Thank God you're here.}
{126}{}{What would you like to know?}
{127}{}{Nice outfits, just like mine. Who are you people?}
{128}{}{What are you people doing here?}
{129}{}{Are you the Overseer?}
{130}{}{How did you people get here?}
{131}{}{Nice to meet you Martin, but I've got people to free. Goodbye.}
{132}{}{Yes, I'd hoped that's why you were here. You've got to free us.}
{133}{}{Free you? I was just going to free my tribe.}
{134}{}{Of course, I wouldn't let anyone stay trapped in this place.}
{135}{}{What are you people doing here anyway?}
{136}{}{They're using us to test some sort of antidote for a fatal virus.}
{137}{}{What kind of virus?}
{138}{}{That doesn't sound good. Let me ask you something else.}
{139}{}{Lucky you. Maybe now you know the pain my ancestor, the Vault Dweller, felt. I hope you all burn. Goodbye.}
{140}{}{They call it the F.E.V. toxin. It does horrible things to people, before it kills them. The only *good* thing about it is that it kills so quickly. Sure looks painful though.}
{141}{}{That sounds nasty. Why are they using your people for a test?}
{142}{}{They took us all from our vault because they wanted test subjects for the antidote. They needed people from outside the Enclave, and who were still pure-strain-humans. So they took us.}
{143}{}{They took you? How, from where?}
{144}{}{They came to the front door of the vault. Somehow they already knew the security code. They just opened the door and their armored troopers marched us into vertibirds and flew us here. Then the experiments began. (He shudders.)}
{145}{}{That sounds bad. Let me ask you something else.}
{146}{}{The vault? Which vault are you from?}
{147}{}{Why, Vault 13, of course.}
{148}{}{I went there looking for a GECK.}
{149}{}{I went there to ask for your GECK to save my people. But you were already gone. Only the GECK remained.}
{150}{}{I was looking for that. Hey, are you the Overseer?}
{151}{}{A GECK? We must have a couple of them. You're welcome to one. I think I saw some troopers loading one of our GECKs into a vertibird.}
{152}{}{You saw them load a GECK? Do you know where they put it?}
{153}{}{That's Okay. I already helped myself to a GECK from our vault. Let me ask you something else.}
{154}{}{I don't know exactly where they put it but I did hear them say that they were going to leave it in the barrier level, just below this level, I think.}
{155}{}{That's great. Thanks. I better be going.}
{156}{}{Ah, I see. Let me ask you something else.}
{157}{}{Wait! You've got to get us out of this place.}
{158}{}{I plan to. I'm going downstairs to the powerplant to shut the power off and free you. When the fields are down, run topside for the ship I've got there.}
{159}{}{How can I do that?}
{160}{}{You should have thought of that *before* you kicked my ancestor out of the vault. I hope you all rot here. Goodbye.}
{161}{}{Thank you. Godspeed and good luck to you friend.}
{162}{}{Goodbye and good luck to you.}
{163}{}{Thanks, but let me ask you something else first.}
{164}{}{I've got a feeling I'll need it. Goodbye.}
{165}{}{To turn off these forcefields, I think you're going to have to turn off the main power supply.}
{166}{}{How the heck am I going to manage that?}
{167}{}{I've been listening and I think that the power reactor is controlled by a large computer three levels below us. If you manage to blow that up, it should turn off the power and we can go free.}
{168}{}{Great idea. I can use my explosives to blow up the computer. Then you can run topside to my ship. I'll be right behind you.}
{169}{}{Great idea but I don't know how I can blow up the reactor. I don't have any explosives.}
{170}{}{I'm sure that wherever the guards have their barracks that they must have an arsenal. They'll have explosives there, I'm certain of it.}
{171}{}{Good idea. I can get the explosives and use them to blow up the computer. Then you can run topside to my ship. I'll be right behind you.}
{172}{}{We don't use that term anymore. There used to be an overseer, many years ago, but he did a bad thing and many of our people left the vault - only to die in the wastes, I'm sure. He was tried and sentenced to death for his crime. We haven't used the title since.}
{173}{}{I don't blame you. I understand that an overseer kicked my ancestor, the Vault Dweller, out into the wastes. }
{174}{}{The Vault Dweller? How long ago was that? Say, about eighty years perhaps?}
{175}{}{Yes, It was eighty years ago. How did you know that?}
{176}{}{Eighty years ago, a hero saved our vault and then the Overseer exiled him. Others followed him into exile and they were never heard from again. We remember the event with shame.}
{177}{}{Hey! You're talking about *my* ancestor and the people who founded my village. They all came from the Vault of the Holy 13.}
{178}{}{As well you should. Let me ask you about something else.}
{179}{}{I don't think you've suffered enough for that yet. Goodbye.}
{180}{}{Incredible, that's our vault! Once again, the people of the vault must rely upon - uh, this time - the great grandson, of the Vault Dweller to save us.}
{181}{}{Incredible, that's our vault! Once again, the people of the Vault must rely upon - uh, this time - the great granddaughter, of the Vault Dweller to save us.}
{182}{}{I wish I knew how to save you.}
{183}{}{I'll think about it.}
{184}{}{What a bizarre coincidence! Let me ask you about something else.}