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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Charles Curling, scientist in command of the United States Chemical Corps at the Control Station ENCLAVE


{100}{}{You see a very tired looking man in a white coat.}
{101}{}{You see Dr. Curling, head of the United States Chemical Corps.}
{102}{}{You see a man in a chemical-stained lab-coat.}
{103}{}{What are you doing out?}
{104}{}{I think we better get you back in your cell.}
{105}{}{Guards! We've got another one loose.}
{106}{}{Wait here, I'll call someone to take care of you.}
{107}{}{Interesting. I didn't realize that the toxin made them dumber.}
{108}{}{Hello? Hello. Is there anybody in there?}
{109}{}{How did you get in here, anyway?}
{110}{}{Get out of my lab, trooper.}
{111}{}{This isn't part of your patrol route.}
{112}{}{Get out of here, or I'll call your sergeant.}
{113}{}{Keep moving, trooper.}
{114}{}{I didn't report any trouble here.}
{115}{}{Welcome to the Chemical Corps section, trooper. I'm Lt. Col. Dr. Charles Curling. Now that we've been introduced - get the hell out of my lab.}
{116}{}{I'm not who you think I am. I'm }
{117}{}{ from Arroyo and we've got something to talk about.}
{118}{}{Sorry, sir. My mistake. Goodbye.}
{119}{}{Alarm stations everyone.}
{120}{}{Get out of my way!}
{121}{}{Clear for action!}
{122}{}{Get out of here, I'm too busy to deal with you.}
{123}{}{Didn't you hear the alarm?}
{124}{}{Run for cover! The alarm has sounded!}
{125}{}{I hope there are enough lifeboats.}
{126}{}{Everybody out!}
{127}{}{Well, }
{128}{}{, I don't know how you escaped your cell but I don't think we have anything to talk about.}
{129}{}{That's where you're wrong. A couple of times.}
{130}{}{You're right. I'm just here to kill you.}
{131}{}{You may be right. Goodbye.}
{132}{}{I'm Lt. Col. Dr. Charles Curling, United States Chemical Corps. And just who the holy hell are you?}
{133}{}{I'm your worst nightmare-a mutant with a gun and an attitude.}
{134}{}{I'm }
{135}{}{ of Arroyo, and we've got something to talk about.}
{136}{}{I'm someone that needs to talk to you.}
{137}{}{You need to talk to me? Who are you and why should I spend time talking to you?}
{138}{}{I'm from Arroyo and I need to talk to you about saving thousands of lives.}
{139}{}{I'm }
{140}{}{ and you better talk to me because I'm holding all the aces here.}
{141}{}{You're right. There's nothing for us to talk about. You're a dead-man anyway.}
{142}{}{Carry on, doctor. I'll be leaving you now. Goodbye.}
{143}{}{The final resort of all tiny-minded primitives. It's so easy to see what separates you from real humans like us.}
{144}{}{You're so damn sure of yourself, aren't you?}
{145}{}{You fucking bigot. You need to be put away, right now.}
{146}{}{I don't see that there's much I need to talk about with a mutant. Soon, when real humans retake the planet for their own, you'll just be another unfortunate reminder of the war. }
{147}{}{Real humans? What are you talking about? I'm as human as you are.}
{148}{}{I've got an unfortunate reminder for you, right here in my holster.}
{149}{}{Guards! Help! Guards!}
{150}{}{Guards! Heeeelllllp!}
{151}{}{Help needed in Chemical section! Urgent!}
{152}{}{Guards! Alarm! Guards!}
{153}{}{Shouldn't I be? Our research on the villagers clearly shows changes to their DNA. It's a natural result of all the background radiation.}
{154}{}{So what if our DNA is a little different?}
{155}{}{I don't know what that means exactly, but so what if we're a little different?}
{156}{}{No, not really. You're actually rather different, at least your DNA is. A rather unfortunate effect of generations of background radiation, I assume.}
{157}{}{So what if our DNA is a little different?}
{158}{}{I don't know what that means, but so what if we're a little different?}
{159}{}{Oh, your DNA, is more than just a *little* different. It's quite different. If I weren't so pressed for time by the Project I'd be interested in running further tests on your people, other than the F.E.V. toxicological study, of course. Fascinating work really.}
{160}{}{What did you want to know about?}
{161}{}{How's our DNA different?}
{162}{}{You're running tests on my tribe?}
{163}{}{What the hell is "the Project?"}
{164}{}{I've heard enough. You need to be put down like a rabid gecko. Goodbye, asshole.}
{165}{}{There are a number of, primarily, very subtle changes. I haven't had time to look into the ramifications of the changes yet though. Also, I'd have to backtrack to isolate your initial gene-stock before I could hazard any ideas on the direction the changes are taking. All in all though, the information is clear enough.}
{166}{}{What is clear enough? What information?}
{167}{}{Yeah, maybe. Let me ask you something else, doctor.}
{168}{}{Why the information that you and your tribe are no longer human, of course. Since your tribe has only been out of a vault (let's see Vault 13 wasn't it?) for some eighty-odd years, anyone out longer is certain to have been even more compromised. Yes, I'm afraid that the conclusion is unavoidable.}
{169}{}{Conclusion? What conclusion?}
{170}{}{Why, I thought that I had made myself perfectly clear. The conclusion that you, and all your kind, are no longer human. In order to retake the earth and to maintain the integrity of the human race, all you mutants will have to be destroyed.}
{171}{}{Destroyed? What do you mean?}
{172}{}{The Project that the Enclave has dedicated itself to these past several decades has been the reestablishment of the human race upon the continental United States. God Bless America.}
{173}{}{That doesn't sound as though it would take decades to achieve.}
{174}{}{I've heard enough of that. Let me ask you something else.}
{175}{}{Oh, just establishing an outpost wouldn't take long. We've all ready done that at Navarro. But it has taken a long time to work out the proper method for the eradication procedure.}
{176}{}{Eradication procedure?}
{177}{}{Why yes, we can't move back to the mainland only to risk contamination by all of the mutated near-humans there. In order to make the United States safe for humanity, all of the mutants must first be exterminated.}
{178}{}{What!?! Are you insane? That's monstrous?}
{179}{}{Exterminated? How are you going to do that?}
{180}{}{I don't think so. I prefer to see it as social Darwinism at its finest. The survival of those best able to assure their own reproduction. The success of future generations, of the whole human race, depends upon us.}
{181}{}{Change is probably the one universal constant. Just because we're different doesn't make us bad. If anything, we're living proof of humanity's resilience. As such, we deserve to survive even *more* than your people do.}
{182}{}{Have you stopped to consider that even though we're different that we're just as human as you are?}
{183}{}{You aren't going to have any future generations, doc. 'Cause you're going to be dead.}
{184}{}{I hadn't ever stopped to think about it that way…. Please, give me a minute, while I think this over very carefully.}
{185}{}{That's OK. Take your time, doctor. It's a big concept to swallow.}
{186}{}{You don't have a minute. Your time's been up for a while all ready. Goodbye, asshole.}
{187}{}{That's preposterous. You're no more like me than a mutated, two-headed, cow is like a normal heifer.}
{188}{}{If there were mono-headed cows at one time, they've long since died out. But the cow, as a species, has survived and grown stronger. Change is an integral part of the natural order.}
{189}{}{Killing everyone on the mainland is just plain wrong.}
{190}{}{I'm tired of all your bull. Time to meet your maker, Dr. Death.}
{191}{}{You're kind clearly isn't capable of understanding what I'm trying to tell you. It's hopeless. You should leave now.}
{192}{}{Well, I tried. Time to die, bigot.}
{193}{}{All right, I'm going. One of us is hopeless and I don't think it's me. Goodbye.}
{194}{}{Toxicological studies on the effectiveness of the F.E.V. toxin, yes.}
{195}{}{The F.E.V. toxin? What's that?}
{196}{}{Let me ask you about something else.}
{197}{}{The F.E.V. toxin. It's the perfect solution for this difficult problem.}
{198}{}{What's the F.E.V. toxin?}
{199}{}{Wait a minute. Let me ask you something else.}
{200}{}{One of our patrols found the research data, and several samples, about the F.E.V. virus in a former military research base that had been almost completely destroyed.}
{201}{}{Okay, now I know where you found it, but what does it do?}
{202}{}{The F.E.V. was initially designed as a virus that was supposed to turn humans into super-soldiers. That experiment seems to have been an utter failure, although I did try a modification of the virus on one of our Secret Service agents with some success.}
{203}{}{Great for you, but how does that have anything to do with eradicating everyone?}
{204}{}{Oh, yes, well, I was getting to that….The F.E.V. virus bond is species specific, it will only bond with human glyco-proteins. It only took a few years to tweak the F.E.V. virus to make it more lethal than it all ready was. The result was just what the doctor ordered, perfect in every way. }
{205}{}{Perfect? How so?}
{206}{}{Isn't it obvious, my mutated friend? The F.E.V. is, thanks to me, a lethal toxin, and thanks to some mysterious genius named, rather dramatically, the Master, it only works on humans, mutated or not.}
{208}{}{That means that we have the perfect disposal device for all of the near-human mutants infecting the globe. }
{209}{}{I still don't understand how that's *perfect.*}
{210}{}{I've got to ask you about some of your other crazy ideas.}
{211}{}{The F.E.V. toxin will only attack to humans, leaving everything else alive, better still, within a month all the mutants will be dead and the F.E.V. toxin will die out as soon as it runs out of hosts. }
{212}{}{There can't be enough verti-birds here to spread the toxin all over the globe.}
{213}{}{I'm going to make you a host to some high-energy projectiles. Say your prayers.}
{214}{}{You're right, there aren't. But we don't need them. We have a release system that will spray the F.E.V. toxin straight from the vats to the outside atmosphere. The jetstream will take care of the rest. Global saturation within two weeks.}
{215}{}{Two weeks?}
{216}{}{Yes, two weeks for the virus to spread, another month or so for it to run its course and then the United States will be ready for recolonization by real humans. Our species will have been saved.}
{217}{}{You really think you're doing the right thing don't you?}
{218}{}{Aren't you the great humanitarian. I've got to get out of here before I have to kill you. Goodbye.}
{219}{}{Your species may make it but you're sure not going to.}
{220}{}{Yes, I do. There is no price too high to pay for the survival of one's species.}
{221}{}{I'd agree with you on that. Has it occurred to you that the *mutants* as you call them are just another type of human?}
{222}{}{I'd have to agree with you, doc. I think I'll strike a blow for us mutants. Starting with you!}
{223}{}{I told you I need a moment to think this over.}
{224}{}{I really do need some time to think.}
{225}{}{This isn't a snap-decision.}
{226}{}{I've got to think about this.}
{227}{}{Give me a moment won't you?}
{228}{}{I hate to admit this but you may be right. What we've been planning all along just isn't right. I was so blinded by trying to overcome the obstacles that I didn't think about the morality of my quest.}
{229}{}{Well, now that you've thought about it. You should destroy the toxin.}
{230}{}{That might…. No, that wouldn't work.}
{231}{}{Why not?}
{232}{}{Because they'd just start over. Even with me dead, there's enough data between here and Navarro to assure that they could replicate my work. Only something more drastic will be enough.}
{233}{}{More drastic? What do you mean?}
{234}{}{The Enclave must be destroyed. Completely destroyed. If we're not, then we'll just pick up the pieces and start over somewhere else.}
{235}{}{I'm sorry to hear that. Uh, Doctor, how do you suggest that the Enclave be destroyed?}
{236}{}{I think that the best way is to just release the F.E.V. toxin into the air-filtration system. Since the Enclave is a sealed system that should take care of everyone.}
{237}{}{What about my people? Or me? Or you, for that matter?}
{238}{}{I can release the antidote into the air-system for all the cells. The detention level is served by a separate air system from the rest of the Enclave. Everyone will think that I'm just running another test. You, I can inoculate directly, here and now. (he reaches for you with a syringe)}
{239}{}{Ouch, thanks Doc. What happens when the F.E.V. toxin is released?}
{240}{}{Hey, wait a minute, you're not sticking me with that thing!}
{241}{}{It's not pretty. You should leave as soon as possible. But I'd rather have the weight of a thousand on my conscience than several hundred-thousand. Our time is through here. We had our chance.}
{242}{}{How can I free my people from the detention area?}
{243}{}{You should probably shut down the power. I know that the reactor is controlled by a large computer near the reactor bay but I don't know exactly what you'd need to do to shut the reactor down.}
{244}{}{Thanks for the information you've given me. Your sacrifice will be remembered by all the peoples of the earth.}
{245}{}{About time for you to come to your senses you old coot. Now get moving.}
{246}{}{When the stars threw down their spears,}
{247}{}{And water'd heaven with their tears,}
{248}{}{Did he smile his work to see?}
{249}{}{Did he who made the Lamb make thee?}
{251}{}{Oh, just something I remembered from a long dead poet. I was wondering if there's still a place for those who've worked towards such a dark end for so long. Our time is over, yours has just begun. Get going!}
{252}{}{Oh, okay, thanks for all your help, doctor. You're a brave man.}
{253}{}{You're a loony - but a useful loony. Goodbye.}
{254}{}{Get going!}
{255}{}{Get out of here.}
{256}{}{Move it!}
{257}{}{You don't have time for this!}
{258}{}{Go, while you still can!}
{259}{}{Don't you understand? Without it you'll be dead in a matter of hours.}
{260}{}{Oh, well, if that's the case. Stick away, doc. What happens when the F.E.V. toxin is released?}
{261}{}{No needles, no way, no how. I'll take my chances.}
{262}{}{You'll never make it to free your people unless you're inoculated. What's the matter? Afraid of a little prick?}
{263}{}{No, I guess not. As long as I don't watch you do it. Youch! So, what happens when you release the F.E.V. toxin?}