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Fallout 4 Power Armor

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FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor a list of Power Armor pieces, see Fallout 4 Apparel.
For an overview of Power Armor, see Power Armor.

Power Armor is a unique form of external armor in Fallout 4.


Power Armor is a multi-component armor unit, comprised of a base frame, with assorted armor pieces mounted on it. For Power Armor to function it requires a fusion core as a source of power, which drains over time and actions that consume AP will increase the rate of depletion. Once the fusion core is drained the user will still be able to slowly walk in the armor but will be over-encumbered and unable to use V.A.T.S. or hold breath when aiming with scopes.[1][2] Power Armor in Fallout 4 requires no training to use.

Power Armor is capable of boosting the Sole Survivor's strength beyond the normal S.P.E.C.I.A.L. limit of 10 to 14 with modifications. Wearing Power Armor negates any bonuses given by standard armor. Power Armor helmets have headlamps that are used in place of the Pip-Boy lights, which are disabled while wearing the armor. While in Power Armor, the player character is incapable of swimming, with the user instead walking across the bed of any given body of water. Handheld or wrist-mounted weapons such as knuckles cannot be equipped.

While wearing helmeted Power Armor, the Sole Survivor can remain underwater for an extended period, but after several minutes submerged the drowning animation will play, and the player character will lose health rapidly and die. Power Armor completely negates all fall damage, with or without any pieces of armor attached, enabling the wearer to fall without any harm to either health or the armor itself.[3] This alerts any nearby enemies of the player character's position. Landing on or in close proximity to an enemy or even friendly NPC deals a great deal of damage to them from the fall as well, which may cause them to become hostile.


Concept art

Companions can be instructed to enter Power Armor via the companion command system. This is done by selecting Talk when facing a companion, then instructing them to Enter Power Armor when the player character's crosshair is over the Power Armor suit they wish for them to occupy. Certain companions (e.g. Nick and Hancock,) will remove the helmet by default. One can force them to wear the helmet by equipping it from the companion's inventory, as with standard armor pieces. To have a companion exit Power Armor, select the Talk dialogue option and Relationship will have been replaced by Exit Power Armor. Some companions however are unable or will refuse to use Power Armor. Paladin Danse will refuse to exit his Power Armor and cannot be assigned to another suit. His Power Armor also does not degrade from combat or fall damage. Companion worn Power Armor does not drain the fusion core if it has one installed and can use core-less frames without penalty.


The parts may be repaired and modified at Power Armor stations located around the Commonwealth, where a Power Armor frame is installed at, or within close proximity of the station. The armor and frame can neither be renamed nor scrapped for component materials. Power Armor stations can be built at settlement locations under the crafting tab in workshop mode, if the player character has the necessary perks.

There are six tiers for each Power Armor piece, each granting higher damage resistance and health. The amounts of materials required for upgrading Power Armor pieces are fixed for each specific item, which means improving an armor piece from tier E to F has the same material cost as upgrading it from tier A to F. Depending on the player character's current situation, it might sometimes be wiser to postpone the next upgrade until higher (or the maximum) ranks of Armorer and Science! have been unlocked in order to save resources. This is especially true for the more advanced Power Armor models as they require much larger quantities of increasingly rare and specialized materials for their upgrades than for example T-45 or raider Power Armor. The helmet's lamp can even be customized with different colored light filters or a more intense white light in place of the default one.


Image Name Effects Weight Value Acquired
FO4 T-51 power armor abraxo.png Abraxo Paint Agility +1 with all pieces painted No change No change Contraptions Workshop
FO4 T60 AtomCats.png Atom Cat Paint Reduces action point cost for sprinting by 3% and increases Charisma by 1 with all pieces painted. +5% of base value +10% of base value Can be bought from Rowdy at the Atom Cats Garage.
Fo4 T60 BoS Knight.png Brotherhood of Steel Paint +1 Strength with all pieces painted +5% of base value +10% of base value Quest completion with Brotherhood of Steel
FO4 T-51 power armor hot rod flames.png Hot Rod Flames Paint +1 Agility with all pieces painted No change No change Obtaining Hot Rodder Magazine
FO4 T-51 power armor hot rod pink.png Hot Rod Hot Pink Paint +1 Agility when all pieces are painted. No change No change Obtaining Hot Rodder Magazine
FO4 T-51 power armor hot rod shark.png Hot Rod Shark Paint +1 Agility No change No change Obtaining Hot Rodder Magazine
FO4 X-01 power armor institute.png Institute Paint +1 Intelligence with all pieces painted +5% of base weight +10% of base value Complete the quest Nuclear Family
FO4 T-51 power armor millitary.png Military Paint +1 Strength with all pieces painted +5% of base weight +10% of base value Known by default
FO4 T45 Minutemen.png Minutemen Paint +1 Charisma with all pieces painted +5% of base weight +10% of base value Completing The First Step quest
FO4 T51 Railroad.png Railroad Paint +1 Perception with all pieces painted +5% of base weight +10% of base value Complete Tradecraft
FO4 T-51 power armor sugar bombs.png Sugar Bombs Paint Strength +1 with all pieces painted No change No change Contraptions Workshop
FO4 T-51 power armor vault tech.png Vault-Tec Paint +1 Charisma with all pieces painted +5% of base weight +10% of base value Known by default
FO4 T-51 power armor vim!.png Vim! Paint Increases Strength No change No change Read the "Vim Paint Job Schematics" on the Vim Ambassador terminal
FO4 T-51 power armor vim! refresh.png Vim! Refresh Paint Increases Agility No change No change Read the "Vim Paint Job Schematics" on the Vim Ambassador terminal


Image Name DR HP Weight Value Form ID
FO4CC CC-00 power armor.png CC-00 Power Armor xx000863
FO4CC Hellfire power armor.png Hellfire Power Armor 620 → 1820 585 → 1655 92 → 119.6 1040 → 1664 FEXXX806
FO4CC Horse power armor.png Horse Power Armor 1220 1260 FEXXX806
FO4 T-51 power armor Nuka-Cola.png Nuka T-51 Power Armor 1340 1395 144.8 973 xx01152E (furniture)
xx01152A (paint)
FO4 Overboss power armor.png Overboss Power Armor 1220 720 0 0 xx00DC2E
FO4 Power Armor Frame.png Power Armor Frame 60 0 0 4500 0002079E
00225A5F (Ingram's)
FO4 X-01 power armor Nuka-Cola Quantum.png Quantum X-01 Power Armor 1700 1800 110.3 1464 xx031723 (furniture)
FO4 Raider Power Armor.png Raider Power Armor 500 350 102.0 450 0021E09C (Boomer)
00137B81 (Cutty)
001A94EB (Slag)
00153392 (Full)
FO4 T-45 Power Armor.png T-45 Power Armor 500 450 92.0 600 0017FB09
FO4 T-51 Power Armor.png T-51 Power Armor 740 720 92.0 780 00108EA0
001A9077 (Clint)
001A9078 (Tessa)
FO4 T-60 Power Armor.png T-60 Power Armor 980 990 92.0 4200 0017FB0A
FO4 X-01 Power Armor.png X-01 Power Armor See all See all See all 1220 → 1525 0022B5E5
FO4CC X-02 power armor.png X-02 Power Armor FEXXX807 (torso)
FEXXX805 (right arm)
FEXXX80A (left arm)
FEXXX808 (right leg)
FEXXX809 (left leg)
FEXXX806 (helmet)


Most Power Armor located around the Commonwealth is level scaled, up to [[Mod:Creation Kit/Encounter Zone|maximum level] of an area. For example, at lower levels, one will find T-45 Power Armor though at higher levels it can range from T-51 Power Armor up to X-01 Power Armor. Leveled frames spawn with T-45 pieces at levels 1-13, T-51 pieces at levels 14-20, T-60 pieces at levels 21-27 and X-01 pieces at level 28 and above. The upgrade level of armor pieces also increases within these ranges, e.g. T-45b armor will spawn starting at level 11. The armor pieces generated do not include previous levels, e.g. a leveled frame encountered at level 26 will only have T-60 pieces.

Frames sometimes spawn with incomplete sets of armor. Randomized frames can spawn with raider pieces at any level, T-45 pieces starting at level 15, T-51 pieces starting at level 25, T-60 pieces starting at level 35 and X-01 pieces starting at level 45. The armor pieces generated include all previous levels, e.g. a randomized frame encountered at level 26 can spawn with any combination of T-51, T-45, and raider armor pieces.

Description Form ID
Full armor 0018AE55
Full armor - No fusion core 0018AE57
Partial armor 0018AE56
Partial armor - No fusion core 0018AE58
Torso only 00219C2D Nuka-World (add-on)
Randomized parts 00154ABC Nuka-World (add-on)

The leveled Power Armor list (LL_Armor_Power_Set) adds additional armor sets at following player character levels:

T-45 T-51 T-60 X-01
Variant A Variant B Variant A Variant B Variant A Variant B Variant A Variant B Variant C
1 11 14 18 21 25 28 32 36

The only exception to this is the suit of randomized parts, which have their own separate pool (per component) to draw from:

Raider T-45 T-51 T-60 X-01
1 15 25 35 45


The parts of armor (ex. body, head, etc.) are in a fixed number and type for each spawn point. Some frames appear to spawn different parts by loading a save from before ever entering that area, but the type of armor (e.g. T-45, T-51, X-01, etc.) depends on the player character's level when entering the area for the first time. Additional Power Armor pieces of any type can be purchased from Rowdy at the Atom Cats garage.


Location or Area Armor set Description
35 Court Leveled up to X-01 - Full armor with core On the top of the court (west of Custom House Tower). Guarded by a Sentry Bot and an assaultron. The frame is in a locked room that opens when the red buttons in the room the robots came from are pressed.
Atom Cats Garage Atom Cats' T-60 Zeke's frame is an unowned frame. Zeke can be forced to exit the frame by destroying or pickpocketing the fusion core.
Bradberton Overpass Nuka-World (add-on) Leveled up to X-01 - Partial armor with core One of the Gunners may enter it if alerted, resulting in the most heavily armored human enemy in the game. A second frame is worn by a Gunner and is an unowned frame that does not respawn if collected or if the character is killed while wearing it.
Brooke's Head Lighthouse Far Harbor (add-on) Empty frame Southwest of the lighthouse in a small shack, stood next to a Power Armor stand. The shack is very close the lift used to get down from the lighthouse.
Cave (Glowing Sea) Raider - Full armor with core Between the Vertibird wreckage and Skylanes Flight 1665. It's beside the corpse of an unnamed raider.
Harbor Grand Hotel Far Harbor (add-on) T-45 - Full armor with core Southeast of the Harbor Grand Hotel beyond the playable area. It can only be accessed with console commands.
College Square Leveled up to T-51 - Full armor with core A frame can be found on the top of the double-layered overpass highway triangulated in between College Square, Graygarden and the Corvega assembly plant. If one fast travels to Graygarden and heads east, they should see a small yellow lift that can connect to the second layer of the overpass. There is a crashed vertibird hanging over the edge with the Power Armor standing next to it.
The Dig Leveled up to X-01 - Partial armor without core In the first room where one gives Sonya the order to take a wall down, there are two weak walls. Have her take down the east wall. Inside, the armor is guarded by a mirelurk king.
Drumlin Diner T-45 - Partial armor with core South of the diner, west of the Corvega assembly plant, near a destroyed train, behind a sealed security gate that can be opened via an Advanced-locked terminal.
Dry Rock Gulch Nuka-World (add-on) Leveled up to X-01 - Full armor with core To the west of Dry Rock Gulch, on top of a flatbed truck on the road near the parking lot exit. The truck is part of a column with two APCs. The armor itself is easily visible from quite some distance away and guarded by a pack of leveled feral ghouls.
Federal ration stockpile Leveled up to T-60 - Partial armor with core Outside the green container in front of the stockpile. One of the resident raiders may enter the armor if alerted. Allowing the raider to use the armor will let the player character kill and loot the armor pieces, and then have the Power Armor frame and new parts re-spawn later, making this one of the few places to get respawning Power Armor other than the raider version (see bug and notes).
Federal Surveillance Center K-21B Leveled up to X-01 - Partial armor with core Under the abandoned shack in the Glowing Sea.
Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates Leveled up to T-60 - Partial armor with core In a locked trailer at east of Fort Hagen. The trailer can be opened with the key found inside a Novice-locked safe within the office building near the pool, or by picking the Master difficulty door lock.
Fort Hagen hangar Automatron (add-on) Leveled up to X-01 - Full armor Can be found between two Expert locked gates, between the tank room and shelved radioactive barrels.
Fort Strong Leveled up to X-01 - Partial armor with core Inside a small building behind a locked door near the end of the bridge to the fort.
Greater Mass Blood Clinic Leveled up to T-60 - Partial armor without core In a warehouse with four Power Armor stations south of the clinic.
Leveled up to T-60 - Partial armor with core Standing at a military checkpoint under a billboard southeast of Greater Mass Blood Clinic and northwest of Mass Pike Interchange (just walk straight between the two locations, the check point is on the road in between).
Jamaica Plain Leveled up to X-01 - Partial armor without core This set is located northwest of Jamaica Plain and southeast of Relay Tower 0SC-527, in a military checkpoint on the road guarded by a Mister Gutsy.
Lake Cochituate Leveled up to X-01 - Partial armor without core Just off the road at the southwest shore, at a military checkpoint directly south of Natick Police Department and Natick Banks. At the edge of the radioactive zone. Unguarded, in the open. There are numerous Deathclaws in the vicinity.
Mass Bay Medical Center T-45 - without helmet and core One can be found in the radiology wing. One of the enemies may get into the T-45 Power Armor during combat, changing it from unowned to owned. This is one of the few places to get respawning Power Armor other than the raider version.
Mass Gravel & Sand Leveled up to T-51 - Partial armor with core Inside of a cage at a military checkpoint east of this location and west of Wattz Consumer Electronics. It is locked by an Advanced-level terminal.
Mass Pike Interchange Leveled up to T-60 - Partial armor with core Can be found on top of the interchange. There is a yellow elevator below that will take player character to a gunner camp, the Power Armor can be found in a station near the south end next to a turret. The Gunner commander may enter the Power Armor during combat. Allowing the enemy to use the armor will let the player character kill and loot the armor pieces, and then have the Power Armor frame and new parts respawn.
Morton Residence Nuka-World (add-on) Leveled up to X-01 - Randomized parts without core In the garage. Can be accessed through a sewer pipe due west, close to a large yellowish puddle. Three to four random pieces.
Museum of Freedom (Concord) T-45 - Full armor without core Can be found on the roof during When Freedom Calls. If not acquired during the quest due to having arrived clad in Power Armor already, the suit can be collected later by traversing the museum again, or just jumping across from the church next door to the crashed vertibird.
Nahant Sherrif's Department Leveled up to T-51 - Full armor without core West of the Red Rocket to the North of the department, inside a leveled, locked container on the north edge of a cargo barge with military vehicles on it. The armor itself is facing away from land, and to get to it, one must jump onto several pallets and shipping containers and walk on the very edge of the barge itself to get to the open shipping container where the armor is standing. There are Mr. gutsy and assaultron present as well.
National Guard Training Yard Leveled up to X-01 - Partial armor without core Behind a Master-level locked door, and a terminal that can be hacked or unlocked using the password found inside the main building of this area. A sentry bot activates outside when leaving and its enclosure opens.
Leveled up to X-01 - Full armor with core Northwest outskirts of the training yard, behind an Expert locked gate inside a shipping crate.
National Park visitor's center Far Harbor (add-on) T-51 with Vim! refresh paint job North of the visitor's center on the highway, there is a crashed Vim! semi-truck. Inside the trailer is a suit of Power Armor.
Nuka-World power plant Nuka-World (add-on) Leveled up to X-01 - Full armor with core In the basement behind an Advanced terminal-locked door.
In the power monitoring station southeast of the plant (underneath an electrical tower) behind an Advanced terminal-locked door.
Old North Church Leveled up to T-51 - Full armor with core On a partially sunken barge north of the church and northeast of Pickman Gallery. It is easily recognizable from the Vertibird that has been tipped on its side, as well as there being several APC-like vehicles present. Hidden among the vehicles is a cage with a terminal on the side that needs to be hacked.
Poseiden Energy Turbine 18-F Leveled up to X-01 - Partial armor without core Directly east of the Poseiden Energy Turbine 18-F, across the entrance on the nearby hills, sitting between two armored vehicles and a crashed Stingray Deluxe. A friendly utility Protectron patrols the area.
The Prydwen T-60 - Brotherhood of Steel knight paint job Two can be acquired without stealing. The first is a full set of BOS-II T-60 Power Armor and is acquired if the Sole Survivor has aligned with the Brotherhood of Steel and been promoted to knight. Another BOS-V T-60 set is given after completion of Blind Betrayal; this is the set that belonged to Paladin Danse.
Revere Satellite Array Leveled up to X-01 - Partial armor with core To the northwest of the array, northeast of the National Guard Training Yard and directly west of Finch farm, on the road there is a military convoy guarded by a Mr. Gutsy.
Empty frame Empty frame in the northeast corner of array's dishes, in the dish array accessible by stairs. There are super mutants in the area.
Rotten Landfill Leveled up to T-51 - Partial armor with core Located in the lake south of the landfill, next to a crashed vertibird.
Safari Adventure Nuka-World (add-on) Leveled up to X-01 - Partial armor with core Just a little north/northwest from outside the entrance to Safari Adventure, two locked shacks with some nearby stingwing nests can be found. The southern shack holds an almost complete set of Power Armor
Robotics disposal ground Leveled up to T-51 - Partial armor without core East-northeast of Sanctuary Hills, between USAF Satellite Station Olivia and the robotics disposal ground. There is a crashed Vertibird with Power Armor standing in front of it near the skeleton of a soldier.
South Boston Military Checkpoint Leveled up to X-01 - Full armor with core Behind an Expert-level terminal.
Starport Nuka Nuka-World (add-on) Quantum X-01 Mk. V Power Armor The atrium display contains the full set of Quantum X-01 Power Armor. All 35 star cores need to be installed to access the suit.
Suffolk County Charter School Leveled up to X-01 - Partial armor without core Located in the marshland to the southwest of the school and west of Murkwater Construction Site, past the sentry bot spawn location, next to a crashed vertibird.
Tenpines Bluff Leveled up to T-51 - Partial armor with core On train tracks just east under the cliff, behind a blue cargo container. The locked cage it is in is controlled by an Advanced-locked terminal.
University Point Leveled up to X-01 - Partial armor without core Located below the overpass to the south in a pool of water, on the opposite side of the road to Billy's fridge. In the water is an APC and the armor is next to it, the head barely clearing the waterline.
Vim! Pop factory Far Harbor (add-on) T-51 with Vim! paint job On the top floor of the factory in a small office.
World of Refreshment Nuka-World (add-on) Nuka T-51 On the ride portion, the armor can be seen in a locked cage. The door needs to be unlocked from a terminal in the Quantum bottling area.


If worn, frames can be stolen by destroying or pickpocketing the fusion core. Whenever a player character enters a stolen frame, if there are Power Armor pieces equipped on the frame while doing so, companions that the player character currently has in tow, or within the area, will consider the act as "stealing" and the player character's affinity with them will change accordingly.

Location Description
Gunners plaza The Gunner commander that spawns in the Master-locked news room will occasionally spawn with a partial set of T-60 or T-45 Power Armor, based on level.
The Prydwen An infinite amount can be stolen from the Prydwen and Boston Airport if allied with the Brotherhood of Steel. This has also created a glitch where frames would be stolen when fast traveling to a location; they were stored and later reappear restocked with half durability pieces and a new fusion core as long as the Brotherhood characters were not killed while collecting the frames. If the frames are left with the core intact, they will not be returned.
Quincy Ruins The Gunner commander on the overpass who replaces Clint has a set of T-45 Power Armor. Allowing the enemy to enter the armor will let the player character kill and loot the armor pieces, and then have the Power Armor frame itself and new parts respawn later, making this one of the few places to get respawning Power Armor other than raider. See bugs and notes.
Quincy Police Station Worn by Tessa.
Mass Fusion Building Used by the Gunner commander. May be fixed as partial set of T-45 Power Armor.
Hub City Auto Wreckers Worn by the Gunner commander (spawned replacement for Captain Bridget who does not have any), can be stolen by destroying or pickpocketing the fusion core, and then have the Power Armor frame itself and new parts re-spawn later, making this one of the few places to get respawning Power Armor other than raider. Appears to be fixed as partial set of T-45 Power Armor.
Fort Hagen hangar Automatron (add-on) A uniquely-named frame and three unique parts (Tesla T-60 left/right arms and chest) are worn by the Rust Devil leader, Ivey, along with other pieces and a unique gun, the Tesla rifle.
Waypoint Echo Two Brotherhood of Steel soldiers, one of them wearing a full suit of BOS T-60 Power Armor, garrison this outpost once Liberty Reprimed has been completed. They respawn every couple of ingame days when killed even if the Brotherhood has been destroyed during the main questline.
Atom Cats Garage One empty frame and one frame with a set of Atom Cats T-60 Power Armor can be stolen. If wanting the extra pieces, they need to be removed from frame before stealing the frame. Two or three members will wear other suits during fights, so more pieces available if they are killed. Zeke's frame is marked as unowned, and can be taken and is not considered stealing.


Location Description
Dunwich Borers Used by a raider can be stolen by destroying or pickpocketing the fusion core. This site and armor also respawn, so lots of pieces available.
Lexington Used by a raider north of the Corvega Assembly Plant. The location has no name; go east on the street just to the north of the plant until approaching the outside stairs on the building with the painted Nuka Cola billboard. Climb up the stairs to the top; this site is respawning, so lots of pieces available. 2nd set, also respawned, available at the top of a highrise one block east. It has a Pulowski Preservation shelter outside it. Go around back and climb the fire escape to the top.
MS Azalea Far Harbor (add-on) Worn by a named Trapper. Partial set.
Revere Beach station Used by a raider. This site and armor also respawn, so lots of pieces available. Raider with Power Armor will respawn even after Power Armor frame and pieces stolen.
Roadside Pines Motel Used by a raider. This site and armor also respawn, so lots of pieces available. Raider with Power Armor will respawn even after Power Armor frame and pieces stolen.
Libertalia Used by a raider, prior to or after the Institute mission. No frames are used during the mission. This site and armor also respawn.
Poseidon Energy Worn by Cutty.
Outpost Zimonja Worn by Boomer. Boomer does not respawn once the settlement has been cleared and claimed.
Saugus Ironworks Worn by Slag. Site and Forge members respawn. Replacement for Slag does have Power Armor, assuming the frame was not stolen. T-45 torso with raider arms and legs.
Wreck of the USS Riptide Used by raider on barge beneath the bridge. This site and armor also respawn, so lots of pieces available.
Massachusetts State House On a raider commander, in the final room before taking an elevator back to the surface.
Settlements At higher levels, raiders attacking settlement sites may use Power Armor. Mostly occurs when settlers ask about needing defenses.
Cola-cars arena Nuka-World (add-on) Overboss Power Armor worn by Colter.


  • There is no drain on a Power Armor's fusion core during fast travel.
    • Fast travel is possible even without a fusion core.
  • The "drained core" over-encumbered state supersedes that of exceeding the carry weight limit and prevents the intermittent damage normally applied to survival players wearing an unpowered frame while carrying more than their listed weight limit.
  • In very rare cases these frames may spawn with no armor attached at all. Also, on other occasions nothing at all will be found at the expected site, e.g. even the power frame will be missing.
  • Because Power Armor uses fusion cores as a power source, removing it by any means (stealing it, or dealing a sufficient amount of damage) will force it to power down, forcing its pilot to exit, unless they have a spare fusion core in their inventory. This will allow the Sole Survivor to obtain an essentially unlimited number of Power Armor suits, although all of them obtained through this method will be considered stolen.
  • Shooting off an enemy's fusion core will often cause the core to become unstable and eject and eventually explode with a destructive force similar to that of a Fat Man's projectile.
    • Having the Penetrator perk or the Yellow Belly Syringe for the Syringer makes it easier to target.
    • Danse and Ingram have special "locked cores" which are hidden and cannot be stolen or shot out.
    • When destroyed, the fusion core will drop to the ground, tick for a moment, then explode with a magnitude similar to a nuke mine.
  • Looting armor pieces from dead NPCs will not prevent the armor from respawning later if the location resets. However, removing the Power Armor frame itself from the location can prevent it from respawning later. This is more likely if the frame is free-standing (i.e. placed in the world, not on an NPC), but can occur if the frame is stolen from an NPC using one of the above methods.
  • Certain bodies of water feature very steep banks and can't be walked out of, like the flooded shaft at the bottom of Dunwich Borers where Kremvh's Tooth is found. Escaping such a location is possible only by exiting the Power Armor underwater. While the armor pieces and the fusion core can be salvaged from the Power Armor frame, the frame itself will become unrecoverable, unless the player character instructs a companion to enter the Power Armor and fast travels away.
  • Power Armor makes the player character invulnerable to all forms of instant-kill attacks, including the brutal pick-up kills used by deathclaws.
  • Some NPCs will comment on the player character wearing Power Armor, including several companions, the guards at Diamond City, and children. Comments range from confusion and suspicion to amazement and comments of impression or even more rarely, mild disdain.
  • Using the console to spawn a Power Armor frame via player.placeatme will spawn it at an angle. Attempting to enter the armor in this state can crash the game. After spawning it, click on it in the console and enter the two following commands: setangle X 0 and setangle Y 0 (spawning with code 00225A5F requires no additional adjustments.)
  • Power Armor pieces spawned through the console will have a random model number tied to it.
  • A mining helmet may be worn and used in place of the Power Armor helmet and Pip-Boy.
  • After finishing the Brotherhood of Steel, Commonwealth Minutemen or Railroad ending, the respective faction will guard some of the Power Armor locations on the map at several military checkpoints.
  • Friendly characters can and will take Power Armor frames from settlements with fusion cores in them. This can be prevented by keeping Power Armor stored in enclosed spaces that they cannot reach or by removing the fusion core upon exiting the armor. Idle characters also won't use Power Armor frames that are stored at a Power Armor station. However, if they are stored with active fusion cores this won't prevent them from being used in a raider attack or being stolen.
    • Inhabitants of a player character's settlements will automatically get in nearby Power Armor frames if the settlement is under attack. They will get out of the frames if talked to by the player character. Merchants such as clothing vendors and doctors will not get out of the Power Armor when talked to. They will instead do their normal dialogue options. Though the Power Armor pieces can be traded from them after their store is closed for the day.
    • Settlers and companions may abandon their Power Armor when they decide to use a bed or man a guardpost.
  • Unequipped suits should not be left in a settlement with settlers that are equipped with Gatling lasers. The settler's AI prioritizes the armor over the Gatling laser, which means in case of an attack they will immediately use the weapon's fusion core to appropriate the armor instead of shooting the attackers. They will then proceed to fight with their Gatling laser if there is more than one fusion core in their inventory, but it still puts the armor at risk of sustaining heavy damage or even getting lost somewhere in or around the settlement.
  • While in combat or in the Glowing Sea, exiting and entering Power Armor will take a noticeably shorter amount of time, as well as having different animations, showing the player character leaping in or out of the Power Armor. When entering, the player character will only use one arm, and may look around nervously, before leaping into the suit. The suit also takes a shorter amount of time to close around the player character.
  • Each Power Armor piece equipped by player offers 5% damage reduction and 14% radiation reduction. Both reductions apply to the player character, NPCs benefit only from the radiation reduction.
  • Power Armor pieces equipped on NPCs take triple damage when compared to equipped on the player.

Behind the scenes

Power Armor in Fallout 4 was designed by art director Istvan Pely.[Dev 1]


  • PCPC In the USS Constitution hold, if one is wearing Power Armor and decides to exit the Power Armor, it will turn invisible, while still being able to enter it.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One If a Companion gets into a suit of Power Armor that has no fusion core, they will not be hindered by it and will even be able to use the light as if it did have a core.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One While in first person, the smoke from the Power Armor's jet-pack won't go away until re-entering the suit or removing and equiping the chest piece.
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One While wearing Power Armor, it may be impossible to exit it. No known fix exists.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Entering or exiting Power Armor may sometimes override the Quick Hands perk slowing down reload times, switching weapons fixes this.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One If all armor is stripped from a frame and the frame is then left alone for a long time, it's possible that the frame will visually show random pieces still on it, despite them having no effect. This can be fixed by interacting with the armor such as inserting a fusion core.
  • Xbox OneXbox One If the player character exits their Power Armor to talk to Shaun in the Institute and enters it before talking to the Institute director, the Power Armor will deform every time the player character enters dialogue.
  • PCPC Mass Pike Interchange has a bug such that multiple sets of frame plus T-45 armor are respawned. Have seen as much as 17 sets standing around (2 lower level, 14 upper level and one on ground). Getting crowded up there. Taking one or more of these suits results in bad news: location stopped all respawning, including Gunners and all items. However, restoring to previous save will set things back to normal - multiple suits with new one appearing as a result of respawn.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Roadside Pines Motel has a similar bug, has created 3 sets of raider Power Armor at location. Raider used one, leaving two behind at last count.
  • Xbox OneXbox One Sometimes, a Power Armor frame will appear to be a full set of any of the 5 Power Armors, depending on what was last equipped on the Power Armor. Interestingly, the only one of these that doesn't look like the base Power Armor paint scheme, is the T-60, which has the Brotherhood of Steel paint.
  • Xbox OneXbox One Entering a building while wearing Power Armor causes the compass directions displayed at the bottom of the screen to be incorrectly rotated by 180°.
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Sometimes when attempting to force an enemy out of their Power Armor by shooting the fusion core, the fusion core's health will show as depleted in VATS and a particle effect will signal its destruction but nothing will happen, and the enemy will continue to use the armor normally.
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Sometimes, while trying to force an enemy out of their Power Armor by shooting off their Power Armor's fusion core, it will not eject from their Power Armor and lets the ememy stay inside. However, the fusion core explodes inside the Power Armor, killing the wearer. Making the frame useless. When this bug occurs, load a previous save or else this keeps happening.
  • Playstation 4Playstation 4 When using Power Armor on the PS4 version, the Dualshock 4 controller's light bar will turn orange to match the HUD color generated from the armor. Upon exiting, it will revert to its previous color. If the player dies or reloads another save file while using the Power Armor, however, the light bar will remain orange until the armor is and entered and exited again.



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  2. The Prydwen terminal entries; Recreation terminal, Delecroix 05558-D
  3. Sole Survivor: "Sounds like you have a pretty full plate."
    Ingram: "Plate? Hell... I have a whole table's worth of duties around here. There isn't a day that goes by on this tub without five or six things breaking down. And since I'm stuck in this rig, I'm not quite as spry as I used to be... the work tends to pile up."
    The Sole Survivor: "You feel like telling me how you ended up that way?"
    Ingram: "That's a little personal, don't you think?"
    The Sole Survivor: "Most people in your condition would've given up. I just wanted to hear your story."
    Ingram: "Sure, what the hell. I was fighting with the Brotherhood in the Capital Wasteland. Worked at a staging area for the Power Armor troops. Our position was along a ridgeline overlooking the battlefield. I'd say it was a hundred foot drop, give or take."
    (Ingram's dialogue)
Developer Statements
  1. @Armatesz: "I am curious who worked on the Power Armor for f4?"
    @NPurkeypile: "Istvan Pely, the art director."
    Nate Purkeypile on Twitter