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I carry discriminating attire for discriminating customers.Bannon

Potomac Attire is one of the shops located in the Market of Rivet City. Run by Bannon, Potomac Attire sells armor and clothing, and usually has around 300 Caps to barter with.


It consists of several mannequins in varying degrees of damage, along with shelves displaying Bannon's merchandise.

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Category Items
Drugs and edibles


  • If the player character sides with Seagrave Holmes during the Council Seat quest, the prices of the items bought at the store are raised by the same amount they are lowered at Holmes' store.
  • Bannon will speak normally to the player character, even if they sided with Holmes. He will reply with the usual "I think I've seen you in here before" when asked about trading. However, once the player character says they are here to trade, he will reply with "If I must."
  • Sometimes when speaking with Bannon the Council Seat quest may glitch, making it impossible to complete as the proper dialogue options will never show up.


The Potomac Attire appears only in Fallout 3.


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p. 61: Bannon
    "Bannon, 30, is a snappy dresser and a shrewd businessman. His wares are high priced, because he's got no competition. His motto is 'If you don't like the pants, go find them yourself.' Cindy Cantelli has a crush on him and sits with him in church. She also leaves when he does. Bannon is one of three city council members, along with Doctor Li and Harkness. They meet on Monday mornings for a few hours to discuss city-wide issues. He has quite the ego but was chosen by Doctor Li to sit on the city council. She seems oblivious to his flaws."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide/Wasteland Census)