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Poseidon Gas Station (South Vegas)

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The Poseidon Gas Station is a location west of New Vegas in Fallout: New Vegas.


It was owned by Poseidon Energy before the Great War. The gas station is located at the beginning of Nevada 160, southwest of the South Vegas ruins.


North of the Violet and Violetta Trailer Compound [1.S22] at the head of trail 160, is a dumping ground of half-buried radioactive barrels. Beware of Fiends operating in this area, and check the police car for duct tape, and the following:


The gas station's interior is inaccessible. Outside of the building, the player character will find a garbage can and a highway patrol car, both containing minor loot.


Picking up the items in the police cruiser may result in the items clipping underneath the vehicle or ground and becoming inaccessible.


The Poseidon Gas Station appears in Fallout: New Vegas.