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Plasma Pistol (Fallout: New Vegas)

FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor an overview of the topic, see plasma pistol.
For the Gun Runners' Arsenal version of this weapon, see Plasma Pistol (GRA).

The Plasma Pistol is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.


The Plasma Pistol is a powerful energy-based pistol, firing superheated bolts of green plasma. It is able to punch through most critters and low-level types of armor with ease.

The Plasma Pistol can cause 33 damage per shot in good condition before added perks, while remaining fairly accurate and cheap to use in V.A.T.S. Furthermore, it is considered an improved holdout weapon, and can be concealed so long as the Courier's Sneak skill is 50 or greater.

However, like the other plasma-based weapons, the Plasma Pistol suffers from common drawbacks, it consumes two Energy Cells with every shot, eating through ammunition at a much faster pace. Additionally, upon firing, the Plasma Pistol's projectile produces a large green burst of light which partially obstructs view, and the plasma bolts travel at a very slow rate resulting in the need to lead the shot.


The Plasma Pistol can fire a total of about 745 times using standard cells, the equivalent of 47 reloads, from full condition before breaking.

Ammunition TypeDurability
Over charge49531
Max charge29519



Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted) Weapon name (melee or unarmed) Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted) Weapon name (gun, energy or explosive)
Damage per attack (damage per projectile) Damage per attack (damage per projectile) Damage per second Damage per second
Area of effect damage Area of effect damage Effect damage & duration Effect damage & duration
Bonus effects Bonus effects Attacks per second Attacks per second
Critical chance % multiplier Critical chance % multiplier Critical damage Critical damage
Critical effect damage & duration Critical effect damage & duration With all mods attached With all mods attached
Attacks in V.A.T.S. Attacks in V.A.T.S. Action point cost Action point cost
Damage per action point Damage per action point Weapon spread Weapon spread
Magazine capacity (shots per reload) Magazine capacity (shots per reload) Durability (number of attacks before breaking) Durability (number of attacks before breaking)
Weight Weight Value in caps Value in caps
Value to weight ratio Value to weight ratio Skill required Skill required
Strength required Strength required
Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted)Damage per attack (damage per projectile)Damage per secondAttacks per secondCritical Chance % multiplierCritical damageAction Point costDamage per action pointWeapon spreadMagazine capacity (shots per reload)Durability (number of attacks before breaking)WeightValue in capsValue to weight ratioSkill requiredStrength required
Plasma Pistol 33
Plasma Pistol Gun Runners' Arsenal33
Plasma Pistol With all weapon mods attached Gun Runners' Arsenal40