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Piezonucleic Lining Project

The Piezonucleic Lining Project was a pre-war research initiative of Cambridge Polymer Labs.


The Cambridge Polymer staff worked on the development of piezonucleic lining for power armor. Funded by a grant from the Defense Experimental Research Project Initiative, the endeavor was managed by Col. George Kemp.[1]

The initiative sought to convert ionizing radiation into electrical energy, strengthening power armor. Initial studies conducted by the research team led Ericka Elwood-Woolum to hypothesize that taking a known piezoelectric material, Lead Zirconium Titanite (PZT), and properly applying a polymer of Gold and Lithium Hydride may produce the desired effect.[2]

In testing, ionizing radiation was successfully converted into energy at a rate 15 times higher than automotive fusion engines, but the ionic excitation in the gold suspension caused the nano weave to break down. The team changed the dosing pattern on the gold to produce thinner strands, believing the attempt would increase surface area and therefore help dissipate the thermal energy.[3] Kemp rejected the suggestion and threatened to end their funding.[4]


The projects undertaken at Cambridge Polymer are referred to as Piezonucleic Lining Project, Nucleostrictive Lining Project, and Nucleostrictive Plating Project.[5][6][7]


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