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I'm the fucking god of New Vegas brahmin fusion cuisine, that's who. No, no, that doesn't even give me the credit I deserve. I fucking invented edible food.

Philippe is the executive chef for White Glove Society at the Ultra-Luxe in Fallout: New Vegas.


As a child, Philippe was raised by a father who walked out on him at the age of five, and a mother who was a "deranged chem fiend" that regularly introduced "strange men" into their house, asking Philippe to call them "Uncle."[1] Philippe also had a brother and multiple sisters.[1] His sisters would lock him in a shipping crate when they didn't want him around.[1]

At the Ultra Luxe, Philippe serves as the executive chef for the casino's Gourmand,[2][3] a position which he has held for years.[4] He is known for having an "obsession" for fresh ingredients.[5] In his tenure, he has transformed Brahmin Steak into a "delicacy" that everyone wants to try.[2] Phillipe has also been attempting to approximate the taste of human flesh with substitutes,[4] keeping hand-written recipes of his various experiments.[6] His one recipe for "Sweet Veal" went through the most revisions, with the Courier being able to use it to create Imitation Strange Meat Pie.[6] Mortimer states that he "wouldn't be surprised" if Philippe occasionally snuck human flesh into his dishes to make them "really come alive."[3]

Philippe considers himself to be the "supreme ruler of the Nevada dining scene" and the "god of New Vegas brahmin fusion cuisine."[7][8] While he enjoys working for the White Glove Society, he feels that he is not paid his worth, adding that too many people are "skimming off the top."[9] The Courier can suggest that Philippe's temper and tendency to yell is the result of the past trauma of his childhood.[1][10]

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.
  • Beyond the Beef: The White Glove Society are holding Ted Gunderson in Philippe's kitchen, who plans to serve his flesh at the banquet. The Courier can deal with Philippe multiple ways, including killing him:
    • With a Barter skill of 55, the Courier can lie by saying they're looking to publish a cookbook, convincing him to part with his recipes.
    • With a Barter and Speech skill of 55, the Courier can lie by saying they're with a major publisher, convincing him to part with his recipes.
    • With a Speech skill of 55, the Courier can state they saw a Radroach in a pantry, allowing them to lock Philippe inside once he checks.
    • With a Medicine skill of 55, the Courier can speak about Philippe's past childhood trauma, ending with him quitting and handing over his recipes.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Formal wear Cleaver Philippe's recipes
Ultra-Luxe freezer key


  • He is one of only five characters in the base game to have "Very Evil" Karma, the others being Cook-Cook, Duke, Mortimer and Vulpes Inculta.
  • If the player leaves the kitchen after locking him in the pantry, he will disappear from the game world.


  • "I'm the fucking god of New Vegas brahmin fusion cuisine, that's who. No, no, that doesn't even give me the credit I deserve. I fucking invented edible food."
  • "Well then why the fuck are you still standing there like you aren't the lowest form of life ever to be flushed down the evolutionary toilet?"
  • "Well why don't you fucking try checking the serving table in the wine room, for fuck's sake? Circular room, two rooms down? Ring any bells? Christ!"


Philippe appears in Fallout: New Vegas.


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