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Vault Boy was the perfect choice for our new Hell's Chain gang series. In which those Valiant Vigilantes take on Chairman Cheng's Commie Cyborg Corps - after all, Vault Boy knows a thing or two about going up against that Red Menace!— Hubris Comics Press Release

Peter Shiner was the chief of publishing for Hubris Comics.


As chief of publishing, Peter contributed to press releases to announce upcoming products for Hubris Comics.[1] In 2077, Peter was working on casting for the Silver Shroud television series.

He communicated with the team ramping up to begin production on the series, including manager Vivian O'Dell and producer Aaron Babowski. Peter attempted to work as an intermediary between the two, suggesting options to compromise when they disagreed on a recent casting change.[2]


Peter Shiner is mentioned only in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.