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Ah, relax, boss. She's all right. Ain'tcha all right... Wendy? Cindy?— Paulie

Paulie is a fictional villain in the Silver Shroud radio series, serving as an underling to Fat Fahey and The Mechanist.


In an effort to investigate the Boston mayor's recent murder, the Silver Shroud and Mistress of Mystery devised a ruse to infiltrate the lair of Mechanist associate Fat Fahey.[1] The Mistress of Mystery, disguised as "Candy" convinces underling Paulie to take her to the hideout.[1] When they arrive Fat Fahey is outraged, but Paulie vouches for her, and his boss relents.[1]

Yet as soon as the door opens, the Shroud appears, Fahey quickly realizing they had been duped, exclaims that Paulie is an idiot.[1] In response, Paulie stammers apologies, professing that he had no idea it was a trap.[1] The Silver Shroud interjects, shoots Paulie, causing Fahey distress to the point that he expresses his willingness to talk to the crime fighting duo.[1]


Paulie is mentioned in Fallout 4.