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Paul Fish is a developer who worked at Obsidian Entertainment on Fallout: New Vegas as an environment artist.


In addition to creating environment models and textures, as well as working on some level population and lighting, Fish also took part in the creation of several weapons and weapon mods for Fallout: New Vegas, including energy weapons, the Plasma Caster, and La Longue Carabine.[1]

Other work

Fish currently works at InXile Entertainment, where he served as a lead environment artist on Wasteland 3.

Employment history

February 2007December 2014Obsidian EntertainmentEnvironment Artist
December 2014December 2018InXile EntertainmentSenior Environment Artist
January 2019PresentInXile EntertainmentLead Environment Artist


Fallout series

2010Fallout: New VegasEnvironment Artist

Other work

2010Alpha ProtocolJunior Environment Artist
2014South Park: The Stick of TruthEnvironment Artist
2015Pillars of EternityAdditional Art
2016TyrannyAdditional Environment Art
2017Torment: Tides of NumeneraEnvironment Art
2018The Bard's Tale TrilogyAdditional Art
2020Wasteland 3Lead Environment Artist



  1. Question: "Who made up all of the energy weapons?"
    Joshua Sawyer: "I tuned all of the EW stats (too low for a lot of them, unfortunately), but the EWs were modeled and textured mostly by Mitch Ahlswede, Paul Fish, and Aaron Brown."
    Question: "whose idea was it to include the plasma caster its awesome!"
    Joshua Sawyer: "Mine, but it's just the P94 Plasma Rifle from the original Fallout, so I can't take any real credit for it. Paul Fish modeled and textured it."
    Question: "I just wanted you to know, La Longue Carabine is the most beautiful gun I've ever seen in a video game."
    Joshua Sawyer: "Thanks, though all credit belongs to Paul Fish, who did the modeling and texturing. The offset scope was based on one we saw in a Clint Eastwood film (not the Sharps in Josey Wales -- another one I can't remember right now)."
    (Joshua Sawyer Formspring posts)