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FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor the Fallout 3 unmarked quest, see Overdose (quest).

Your character has become overdosed due to excess usage of chemicals. Overdose will do damage over a period of time, until it passes from your system.— Overdose description

Overdosed is a condition of your character in Fallout Tactics.


Excess use of chems causes an overdose, which results in progressive damage until the status effect expires. Taking more chems while overdosed renews the overdosed effect.

Each chem has an overdose value assigned to it:

Type Amount
Afterburner Gum 60
Buffout 50
Fusion Cola 15
Mentats 35
Mutie 30
Psycho 80
RadAway 15
Rad-X 5
Voodoo 35

All other consumables have a value of zero. Accumulated overdose will decrease by one every six seconds, and the amount of overdose before the status is applied is based off the Endurance stat:

Overdosing will cause the target to go unconscious for a short period of time, and will occur each time a chem with an overdose value is applied to the overdosed target. While not unconscious, overdosed targets will lose one Hit Point every six seconds. This damage cannot reduce the target's Hit Points to zero, and once the overdose value falls below the threshold damage will cease until it exceeds it again.

A second threshold is checked if overdose exceeds a fatal amount, killing the target instantly:


  • Enemies are affected and can be killed by this condition. Any kill caused by overdosing has no effect on reputation and will not turn other people hostile.
  • The Chem Reliant and Chem Resistant traits have no effect on the amount it takes to overdose.
  • Because Buffout raises the player's Endurance, its effective overdose value is actually lower.
  • If an Endurance penalty causes the target to fall below the overdose threshold while under the influence of chems, they will not fall unconscious but still take damage over time.


Saving and reloading will reset the accumulated overdose value to zero, allowing players to bypass this system entirely. [verified]

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