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There's one place you find on a tourist map of D.C. and its lovely suburbs, and that's the cozy little villa known as Old Olney. Ah, but you locals, you know the place. Am I right? It's become a veritable Wasteland legend. Why? Cause it's filled with goddamned deathclaws! I met a guy once, name was Johnny 12 Fingers, had one arm. Turns out the other one was ripped off while he was scavving in Deathclaw central. Lucky he made it out alive, most people don't, at least not in one piece.Three Dog, after the completion of Shock Value

Old Olney is a derelict town in the Capital Wasteland inhabited only by vicious deathclaws.


Prior to the Great War, people would visit Old Olney township on the weekends.[Pub 1] was scheduled to receive Nuka-Cola Quantum, but the truck carrying the soda crashed before it could arrive.[1] The local power plant, Olney Powerworks, was owned by PPE.[2] It had the S. Wilson office building as well as a children's hospital.

After the war, Old Olney became overrun with Deathclaws. A group of seven Ghouls lead by Sanders attempted to create a new Ghoul community in the Old Olney Underground.[Pub 2] They were subsequently driven out by the Deathclaws, leaving Kidd and Wint as the only survivors.[3]


This ruined township comprises several city streets, which contain the largest concentration of Deathclaws, except for the Deathclaw Sanctuary [1.07]. Approach the town from any direction, but it’s best to snipe Deathclaws from the freeway to the east or from the hill above Vault 92, or Sneak in from the west at night. Otherwise, wait at a safe distance for a patrolling Deathclaw to move past.Tour of the Capital Wasteland


Old Olney is located just east of Vault 92 and northeast of Greener Pastures Disposal Site. It is noticeable on the Pip-Boy 3000, as it is located within a lighter rectangle along with Vault 92.

The town itself is approximately 500 by 500-foot square. It doesn't seem to be a residential town, but there is what looks to be apartments in the southeast corner. There is a main street that runs east–west and usually has three Deathclaws wandering around. To the north is a large parking lot with derelict cars scattered about. Deathclaws are found throughout the town, especially on the eastern outskirts near the town hall.

There are two entrances to the Olney Sewers. One is a circular sewer manhole located between two ruined buildings in the southwest corner of town. The second is a grate "trap-door," located in the northeast corner of Old Olney, two blocks north of the fire station. It is not obvious, but it is possible to climb out of the trap by using one of the sides like a ladder. The unique Prototype Medic Power Armor is located in these sewers on the dead body of a Brotherhood of Steel initiate, near the corpses of a mercenary and a wastelander. Members of the Brotherhood of Steel say that they did not go to recover the armor because of the Deathclaws.


Old Olney is infested by Deathclaws. There appear to be a total of 7 of them roaming the town, although the actual number will vary at times. There are several Deathclaws occupying the Old Olney Sewer as well. The Deathclaws eventually respawn, so it is impossible to "clear" the town permanently. If Broken Steel is installed, there are two non-hostile Ghouls and several dead Ghouls in the Old Olney Underground.

If Election Day is completed and Dave loses, he will move to Old Olney and declare it the New Republic of Dave.



Old Olney NukaCola truck.jpg

Old Olney Sewers

  • In the easternmost room, there is a Mini Nuke, which is behind a Very Hard locked door to the left of the safe.
  • The Prototype Medic Power Armor can be found deep within the Old Olney Sewers. It is worn by a dead Brotherhood Initiate.
  • There is a Nuka-Cola Quantum behind an Ammunition Box in a room with four beds; it is located next to the bed with the Missile Launcher. This same room also contains a Fat Man just beneath the 3 wall safes.
  • There is a copy of Duck and Cover! at the dead end of a cave passage that starts nearby the Prototype Medic Power Armor. Right next to a skeleton, at the end of the tunnel.

Related quests


  • Fast-traveling to Old Olney deposits the player character in the middle of the town, likely resulting in encountering a swarm of Deathclaws.
  • There is a note next to the skeleton of Carl Wallace, in front of the firehouse (in the southeast corner of town), giving a report that his truck has crashed just east of the town, next to a gas station. The truck is located east of town, in the direction of Chaste Acres Dairy Farm. It contains one of the largest stashes of Nuka-Cola Quantum in the wasteland.
  • Dave from the Republic of Dave will travel to Old Olney should he lose the election at the end of the quest Election Day. With the Deathclaw infestation, he will almost certainly die without intervention.
    • If Dave actually survives the trip, he will camp out in the middle of the town, next to some trash bins and dead Raiders (this is right on the spot in the middle of town in which one appears if fast-traveling to Old Olney). Dave will ask the Lone Wanderer to leave "The New Republic of Dave" if the dialogue is initiated; doing this three times results in him opening fire. Killing him makes the remaining citizens of the Republic of Dave hostile, but killing them will not result in Karma loss.
  • To the west of Old Olney after The Waters of Life quest, there is an Enclave camp on the old broken road. When approaching the camp, one soldier will fire a Flamer into a trailer in the camp; upon examination of the trailer, the Lone Wanderer will find dead Wastelanders and some purified water inside. According to the terminal, Enclave soldiers are offering Wastelanders purified water in exchange for screening to see if they are appropriate to their human standards or not. Non-appropriate Wastelanders are slain by flame so as not to waste any 'resources.' Also, according to the terminal entries, Enclave soldiers are searching for 'feral' creatures; of course, the Enclave is under the impression all Ghouls are feral. According to the entry, there are also at least two Deathclaws in the trailer (but they are nowhere to be found).
  • A short cave-like tunnel extends from the room in which the Prototype Medic Power Armor is found. At the end of the tunnel are a battery-powered lamp, a Duck and Cover! magazine, a skeleton, and a large wooden spoon.
  • Throughout the Capital Wasteland, it is possible to overhear a conversation between Raiders, mentioning some of their rookies encountering "Monsters" and "claws of death" up north, possibly referring to Old Olney and its infestation of Deathclaws.


Old Olney appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

Olney, Maryland is a real world location.


  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 If walking towards Vault 92, there is a dead-end with several blocks and other rubble. It is possible to jump onto these rocks and walk on air, around that building.
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes all of the Deathclaws will be found down in the sewer, making for a difficult fight.
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Occasionally, Deathclaws will spawn outside of the fence separating Old Olney from the Capital Wasteland.


  1. "Make sure that the initial test shipments of Quantum are sent to the following locations along with the standard marketing package:

    1. Paradise Falls Shopping Mart
    2. Super Duper Mart
    3. Old Olney Grocery

    These first three locations in the D.C. Area will be known as "Test Sites A, B & C" in all inter-company communications. Use the data encoded with this message to mark your maps. "|Quantum distribution details
  2. "Old Olney Powerworks
    -A Division of PPE-

    >/ Welcome, USER"
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  3. Lone Wanderer: "Why are you down here? "
    Wint: "Look, this wasn't how it was supposed to go down. It was a good idea at the time, y'know? Figured we'd try and set ourselves up down here. Just like Underworld, only better. Who's gonna bother a bunch of ghouls living underneath Old Olney, right? So we get down here, we start knockin' some walls down... And the next thing you know we're getting our faces chewed off by Deathclaws. "
    (Wint's dialogue)
  1. "The sparsely populated Northeast Territories are dominated by two large areas of interest—the Old Olney township and its surrounding area and the Greener Pastures Disposal Site. Old Olney was once a quaint place to visit on the weekends. Now it’s a place you go to die. Ravenous Deathclaws prowl the streets, and Scavengers have picked the surrounding hamlets clean. Greener Pastures is simply a gigantic irradiated area, full of its own surprises. Consider heading to the Republic of Dave; an envoy from the Wasteland might be welcomed by this power-mad oddball and his clan. There are also farms, a dangerous ghost town filled with mines, and the Temple of the Abolitionists’ Union to search for, too. And don’t forget the Roach King; he may be the craziest of all!"|Tour of the Capital Wasteland
  2. "Sanders knew better than most. He was always telling Roy Phillips his delusions of grandeur were misplaced, and that Ghouls should set up their own settlement, away from those who would seek to destroy their way of life. After gathering a plucky band of likeminded souls, Sanders ignored Connelly’s whining, and trekked northward to a relatively undisturbed township called Old Olney. Sanders was amazed this place hadn’t been settled by Raiders! His crew headed into the maze of sewers and tunnels under Old Olney, and began to set up a makeshift camp. It had everything you could wish for; Food, Beer, a pool table... and an odd scratching sound and distant roaring. This roaring intensified as Sanders suddenly—and violently—discovered his group wasn’t the first to settle Old Olney."|Wasteland census