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FO76 publicteam xpd.pngFor the character appearing in Fallout 76, see Liebowitz (Fallout 76).

Wait, it's clearing! Chief, they ain't here! They're gone!— Officer Liebowitz

Officer Liebowitz is a fictional police office with the Boston Police Department in the Silver Shroud radio series.


After the Silver Shroud and Mistress of Mystery discovered Boston's mayor dead in Scollay Square, a run-in with the mayor's associate Fat Fahey resulted in the Shroud receiving a gunshot wound.[1] The Mistress brought him to her hideout, the Parlor of Mysteries, in order to tend to his injury.[1]

While the Mistress was doing so, the duo was interrupted by Chief Corcoran of the Boston Police Department, who addressed them from outside via megaphone.[2] He instructed them to come out with their hands up, as they were wanted in connection to the murder of Mayor Murphy.[2] Unwilling to do so, the chief ordered the officers to enter the premises and open fire.[2] At that moment, a thick mist filled the air and when it cleared, Officer Liebowitz exclaimed to the chief that the two were gone.[2] In response, Chief Corcoran remarked that this was what he hoped the officer would say.[2]


Officer Liebowitz is mentioned in Fallout 4.