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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Valdis, an intelligent deathclaw in Vault 13.


{100}{}{You see a deathclaw. It watches you with strangely intelligent eyes.}
{101}{}{You see Valdis, the deathclaw.}
{102}{}{You see a typical deathclaw. The creature is huge, with a powerful body, sharp teeth, and long claws.}
{103}{}{Greetings, human.}
{104}{}{How may I serve you?}
{105}{}{Who you be?}
{106}{}{What you do?}
{107}{}{Brain hurt. Me come back later.}
{108}{}{Hello, who are you?}
{109}{}{What's your job?}
{110}{}{No offense to your fellow deathclaws, but you sound more... educated, shall we say?}
{111}{}{Well, just passing the time.}
{112}{}{I am called Valdis. And you are?}
{113}{}{Me human.}
{114}{}{Oooo! Something shiny. Me go.}
{115}{}{Hey, I'm the one asking the questions here.}
{116}{}{I've got to go.}
{117}{}{Glad to meet you, I'm}
{118}{}{Got it.}
{119}{}{I am currently guarding this area of the vault against any unauthorized personnel.}
{120}{}{Un awe thor iced person el?}
{121}{}{Uh... sure.}
{122}{}{You talk funny. Me leave.}
{123}{}{I'll be leaving now, Valdis.}
{124}{}{I see.}
{125}{}{Well, you certainly seem to know your job well.}
{126}{}{Do you have the brains to decide who is or is not 'authorized?'}
{127}{}{Why yes, I do. I also have enough brains to decide who is or is not an asshole -- and I have concluded that you excel in that catagory! Now, why don't you leave before I dance on your face for half an hour?}
{128}{}{All right.}
{129}{}{Bad lizard. Now I have to shoot you.}
{130}{}{Hey, I'm sorry. I'll watch my tongue from now on.}
{131}{}{Yes. We are quite diverse in our levels of education. I am doing my best to continue mine in my spare time.}
{132}{}{An iguana with a goal. How freaking cute.}
{133}{}{You're doing ok.}
{134}{}{That's an excellent goal. Keep it up.}
{135}{}{Huh? I am well aware that you are human. I was inquiring about your name.}
{136}{}{Not ask name, ask 'you are.' I are human.}
{137}{}{Me know. Me just test you. Uh... you pass.}
{138}{}{Hear someone call. Me go.}
{139}{}{I see. Let us try this again. Hello. I am Valdis. What is your name?}
{142}{}{Unauthorized personnel. Meaning 'people who do not have permission to be here.'}
{143}{}{Ok. Me understand.}
{144}{}{Me get another of those headaches. Me go now.}
{145}{}{My goal is to maintain as much patience as I can, in light of the fact that you are being rude. If you can not deal with me civilly, then please leave.}
{146}{}{Sorry, I'll try to be more civil.}
{147}{}{Shove it.}
{149}{}{Good day to you.}
{150}{}{I regret the fact that I must kill you.}