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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Gordon, the keeper of a shrine dedicated to the Vault Dweller in Vault 13


{100}{}{You see a lean man in long robes. He appears to be in deep thought.}
{101}{}{You see the Shrine Keeper.}
{102}{}{You see a lean man in long robes. He is in his late forties, and his features are soft and unweathered. He appears to be meditating.}
{103}{}{Welcome, traveler. I am called Gordon, and I am the Shrine Keeper. What can I help you with?}
{105}{}{Me ask questions?}
{106}{}{Uh... not remember. Bye.}
{107}{}{It's a pleasure to meet you, Gordon. I'm} # continued 177
{108}{}{You call this a shrine? Whoever it's dedicated to must be turning in their grave!}
{109}{}{Well, sorry to have disturbed you. I'll be going now.}
{110}{}{Yes. A shrine is a place of worship that is usually dedicated to a god, a saint, or other being of power.}
{111}{}{Ah. Ok. Me ask questions?}
{112}{}{Okay. Bye.}
{113}{}{Certainly you may.}
{114}{}{What would you like to know?}
{115}{}{Who shrine for?}
{116}{}{How long you here?}
{117}{}{D'claws bad?}
{118}{}{Why you stay?}
{119}{}{Me go now.}
{120}{}{Who is this shrine dedicated to?}
{121}{}{How long have you been here?}
{122}{}{What can you tell me about the deathclaws?}
{123}{}{Why do you stay here?}
{124}{}{Thanks, Gordon. Good-bye.}
{125}{}{This shrine is dedicated to an unnamed hero known only as the Vault Dweller. He, or she, was the savior of all who lived here several decades ago. We do not know what became of our savior, but he, or she, lives on in our minds and hearts.}
{126}{}{That nice.}
{127}{}{Me thank you. Wavy.}
{128}{}{What a joke! A shrine to someone you can't even remember!}
{129}{}{I see. Well, I have other questions.}
{130}{}{Very comendable, Gordon. Can I ask you some more questions?}
{131}{}{I have lived all my life here in this vault. I have been a Shrine Keeper for most of those years.}
{132}{}{You here before D'claws?}
{133}{}{Ah. Need know more.}
{134}{}{Got go now.}
{135}{}{You are a very dedicated man. May I ask you some more questions?}
{136}{}{That's a long time. Can you answer some more questions?}
{137}{}{It's your life to waste as you see fit, bud.}
{138}{}{Then you were here when the deathclaws took over?}
{139}{}{No, my friend, I was not. I left a few months ago to visit the statue of the Vault Dweller erected in the central court of the NCR (the New California Republic east of here). When I returned to the vault, I found the deathclaws were already here. Needless to say, I was in shock. However, I am convinced that they are not responsible for what happened to my fellow citizens. If, by chance, you want more information on this matter, you can seek out Goris in the library.}
{140}{}{Okay, thanks.}
{141}{}{Okay, bye.}
{142}{}{I'll keep this in mind.}
{143}{}{I don't need you telling me where to go or who to see.}
{144}{}{Thank you for your help. I have more questions, though.}
{145}{}{I have lived with the deathclaws for several months now. They seem to be honorable and forthright in their dealings with me and the other humans who live here. I trust them and, in time, I think you will as well.}
{146}{}{Uh... Okay.}
{147}{}{Humph. Me go now.}
{148}{}{I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now.}
{149}{}{You can trust the lizards if you want to, but I'll reserve my opinion for now, thank you.}
{150}{}{Thank you. I need to know more.}
{151}{}{My place is here at the Shrine. I will not leave it willingly.}
{153}{}{Me leave you now.}
{155}{}{You are either dedicated or a dumbass. I vote for dumbass!}
{156}{}{Your dedication is admirable.}
{157}{}{You are a rude and verbally abusive individual. Perhaps if one of the guards were present with us, you would curb your tongue.}
{158}{}{I warned you earlier that I would not tolerate your abuse. Obviously you have chosen to ignore that warning. (Gordon looks towards the door) Guards! To the Shrine, please!}
{159}{}{So you still choose to be an ass. (Gordon motions toward the deathclaw guard) Guard, please take out the trash.}
{160}{}{Bring on your stooge! I can kick both your asses in the wink of an eye.}
{161}{}{Sorry, I'll curb my tongue.}
{162}{}{My apologies to you, Gordon. Please forgive my outburst.}
{163}{}{I'm sorry. I forgot myself. Please forgive me.}
{164}{}{Ooops, sorry.}
{165}{}{I've been looking forward to doing some lizard plinking!}
{166}{}{Guards! To the Shrine!}
{169}{}{So, you've returned. Well, I had you removed once and I can have you removed again. Guards! To the Shrine! The trash is back!}
{172}{}{Hello again. What can I do for you?}
{173}{}{Ask question?}
{174}{}{Me been here before? Sorry. Got go.}
{175}{}{I wanted to talk with you once again.}
{176}{}{Just saying hello.}
{177}{}{. Can I ask you some questions?}