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Nuka-Cola Addiction

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Yeah, another tasty bottle of Nuka-Cola! Hmmmm, the great taste. You wonder yourself why, but you just like it. You like it a bit too much and got yourself addicted.

Nuka-Cola Addiction/Craving/Reliance is an addiction in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics.


Image Name Duration Effects
Infobox.png Nuka-Cola Addiction 1 week You crave another Nuka-Cola.
Craving.jpg Nuka-Cola Craving 1 week You crave another Nuka-Cola.
FO2 Status Nuka-Cola Addiction.png Nuka-Cola Reliance 1 week You crave another Nuka-Cola.



  1. Zip: "Did you know once I put gunpowder in Nuka-Cola and it tasted kinda funny but everything went swirly and then I flew around and then I don't remember?"
    (Zip's dialogue)
  2. Lone Wanderer: "You seem kind of addicted to the stuff... Is it safe to drink?"
    Sierra Petrovita: "Addicted? Why would you say that? I can stop drinking it any time I want. That's so silly to think I would get hooked on the most delicious soft drink ever devised by man..."
    (Sierra Petrovita's dialogue)
  3. Sole Survivor: "Here you go"
    Sheffield: "Thank you! It's like I can finally think straight. I gave up alcohol after settling down here. Doctors said I shot my liver. Nuka-Cola's the only thing I can drink that wakes me up. Otherwise it's all... hazy."
    (Sheffield's dialogue)
  4. Sierra Petrovita: "I guess you could think of me as the world's biggest Nuka-Cola fan. I've been obsessed with the stuff since the first time I tasted it."
    (Sierra Petrovita's dialogue)
  5. Clara's note to mom
  6. Cominsky's code
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