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Nova Biogistics was a company in the biotechnology field operating prior to the Great War.


Its only known employee was Dr. Frank,[1] who conducted experiments where he attempted to surgically combine different animals: Grafting brain matter and glands from a gecko into a fish, from a cat into a mouse, and eventually from a cow into an injured black bear. None of his creations were successful (the mouse with a cat brain tried gnawing its leg off, for example), and he was, in fact, barred from "adopting" animals from the local shelter.[2]


Nova Biogistics is mentioned only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.


  1. During the quest Unsolved: Tracking Terror, which explores the story of Fluffy, Dr. Frank's skeleton can be interacted with, which leads to a prompt that says "Name tag reads 'Nova Biogistics, Dr. Frank.'"
  2. Dr. Frank's journal