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Noshir Dalal is an actor who voiced Knight Rhys in Fallout 4. He also voiced Gnash and Dino, as well as male settlers and Mothman cultists in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update. He reprised his role as settlers in the Steel Dawn update.


Fallout series

2015Fallout 4Knight Rhys
Settlers (male)
Cultists (male)
Dino (uncredited)
Hunter (uncredited)
Blue Ridge Caravan guards (uncredited)
Scientist (male, uncredited)
2020Steel DawnSettlers (male)

Other work

2018Red Dead Redemption 2Charles Smith
2019Gears 5Additional Voices
2019Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceSekiro / Additional Voices
2019The Outer WorldsUdom Bedford
2020Cyberpunk 2077Cyberninja Oda