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Nipton Road Reststop

The Nipton Road Reststop is a location in the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas. It is located on the junction of I-15 and Nevada 164, near Nipton Junction south of Primm.



Close to the Long 15 interchange and the traffic jam up to the Mojave Outpost [4.27] is a Poseidon Gas Station and outbuildings, close to the Mesa where the Ghouls roam. Amid the Radscorpions, at the foot of the Gas sign, is a Bright Follower; a long way from home (the REPCONN Test Site [5.17]). There are some minor items in the garage, but there’s more near the store next door. Check the burned-out building for some Ammo.
There’s a crate on the store stoop, and inside there’s some minor food, Yeast, and a reasonable haul of Caps in the Cash Register, along with a note from recently ousted Mayor Steyn of Nipton [4.30]. There is no first Journal. Don’t forget your copy of Pugilism Illustrated before you leave!
Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide/Tour of the Mojave Wasteland


The area consists of the Nipton Road general store, a destroyed house to the south, and an inaccessible house to the north. The area is infested with several radscorpions of various sizes. In front of the store is a large, destroyed vehicle containing two ammunition boxes. There are no enemies inside the general store, but the player character will find Mayor Steyn's "secret stash," consisting of several sacks and a locked gun cabinet, as mentioned on the terminal in his office in Nipton Hall.



  • Outside, there is a garage with the text "Where's New Canaan, anyway?"
  • The general store has graffiti above the awning, including the name "Lester." This graffiti is also seen in Vault 3.
  • A dead Bright follower can be found lying against the gas station sign.
  • The Nipton Road general store at this location is different from the Nipton General Store, located within the town of Nipton. The store within the town of Nipton is the "Nipton Trading Post."


The Nipton Road Reststop appears in Fallout: New Vegas.