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That's it. Tenpenny promised me safety and security. And that damn useless Gustavo lets thieves run amok. This is the last straw. I'm leaving.Anthony Ling in case the player character robs all his inventory while undetected

New Urban Apparel is a store at Tenpenny Tower. It is run by Anthony Ling who mostly sells pre-War outfits, as well as a few sets of combat armor and leather armor. He carries between 200-300 Caps and can repair items (having a skill of 15).


Behind the counter of the store, there is a safe. His Average locked computer can be hacked to open his safe or a Hard lock can be picked for 300 caps. The player character can crack the safe during nighttime without much risk as the store will be empty. However, he will leave the tower if the caps in his safe are stolen, complaining about how Tenpenny Tower is no longer safe.

The store also contains a supply trunk with his whole inventory (requires the key, which must be looted off his dead body). There are some pre-War clothing in the wardrobes, as well as various pieces of pre-War clothing scattered throughout the shelves.


  • Should the tower be taken over by ghouls, Bessie Lynn will run the store.
  • Many items on the counters may spawn inside the counter. Nudging them will move them back to the top of the counter.
  • If the Lone Wanderer steals from him after completing the Tenpenny Tower quest (in favor of Tenpenny) he will not care about it. This also works with Lydia Montenegro.


New Urban Apparel appears only in Fallout 3.